aha! they listened

Yesterday I went to a Wellbeing Centre in my local town. I had researched it and was pleased to see on their website, the words disabled access. But being bitten by that too often, when it doesnt always mean it`s right for me, I rang to check.

I was told there was a step at the front and back, but other wheelies had managed ok. I wanted to go and check it out, so off I tootled with hubby and carer in tow. My chair has a kerb climber attached, although I sometimes call it either Kathy Kirby or a kerb crawler (ahem), but it copes wel with with up to a 3 inch step.

But no, it wouldnt do it…front nor back! I gave it a few Boudica type charges…no, no good!

Someone came out and wondered what was trying to bring their roof down!

We discussed the problem, I received the usual apologies and they said, Hold on a mo... the manager of the establishment was telephoned. A ramp was ordered.

Today I rang to check and yes, it would be available in the next few days.

So I booked an appointment for 2 weeks time, for a massage, hair consultation, colour, cut and finish…3 days before we go to my Hilton Spa break in Blackpool.

I was told there would be champers and chocolates awaiting me as a new customer.

Living the life, ain`t I?


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Sounds brilliant. Champers and chocs … very impressive. EENJOY!!! And don’t forget to tell us all about it.

Hazel x

Awwww, that’s lovely Poll! Nice to think how much difference you’ve made to a lot of people as well, choccies & champers well deserved!!! Enjoy Tracey x

That does sound good Polly, I’m glad you will finally get into that welbeing clinic.

Take care and have a good time eating chocolates and drinking champagne.

Wendy x

Nice one Poll enjoy.

Jan x