After the first neurology appointment.

Just an update: I posted a thread Recently explaining my situation… I wondered what would happen at my first ever appointment as I had previously had an MRI an lumbar puncture when I was admitted to hospital in January with burning legs and torso… So in the appointment the neurologist asked me questions such as my age, do I drink/smoke etc. do I have kids… Am I on the contraceptive pill Do I have a history of miscarriage Then asked me my story as to how it all began… He then explained to me that he looked at my previous lumbar puncture and MRI results in great detail… I then had tests with regards to my co-ordination, eye sight and the pin test. I also had blood taken. Basically, the professor believed that due to the severity of the swelling in several places in my spine and the amount of antibodies (or something like that) in my spinal fluid then I am lead to believe that I have an MS diagnosis. He explained that he will be sending a letter to my GP and will be assigning me to a nurse. A nurse should also be visiting me to help with administering medication. The specific medicine I am being subscribed is treat for MS. So as far as appointments go, I am pretty pleased at how quick they are working for me and as it stands I’m not so much stuck in limbo like a lot of others. The only thing that stands in the way of me not getting a diagnosis would be in my blood came back showing something else. However the doc is confident that I will be diagnosed sooner rather than later. We shall see when my results appear. :slight_smile: Thank you for reading Sarah

Sarah Sorry about your DX , but glad they are sorting you out quickly. Take care Gray x

Hi Sarah

Sorry about the diagnosis but it’s good that you aren’t stuck in limbo and can gain access to the right medication. It sounds as if you have a good neuro.

Tracey x

Sorry too about your diagnosis but it’s good they are sorting you out quickly. Can I ask if your brain MRI showed anything? xx

Thank you all. I don’t really remember much detail about my brain MRI. I can only recall my spine and LP results. II have won the neurology lottery with regards to the doctor I got. Very supportive and seemed to know exactly what was going on. Thank you again for taking the time to read my thread. Sarah. X