First appointment coming up

I have my first appointment with the neurologist next week and I’m just wondering what they will actually do? What will they need to know?
Really worried i won’t get any answers or help.

Any help much appreciated

Hello, please don’t worry the first meeting in my experience was

Lots of questions describing symptoms
Then an examination starting at feet looks to see never reactions then
Leg reactions looking at reflexes
moving up the body doing lots of standard test on you hands and arm reflection tests.
Then a further conversation about other test MRI or Lumber puncture and maybe an appointment for those.

It’s a bit of a journey but the good news is you are now in the system and you will get a few answers

Good luck

Hi Ieas,

as James4 said. Your first appointment is nothing to worry about. I had my first appointment, from that I had two MRIs and have had 2 other appointments, the last one confirming progressive MS. Moving forward with Lumbar puncture soon.

as said “your in the system” so thats good, moving forward.


I have my first appointment on the 25 July. I am worried too. Already had an MRI so I think for me it will be to talk about the results

If there’s been lots going on, it probably worth jotting down key symptoms and timescales on a piece of paper and taking it with you. Many of us, me included, know how blank our minds can go when that long-awaited consultation finally arrives, and it can be reassuring to have that reminder to refer to. Good luck.

Hi I had mine today and they ask about your symptoms and then generally look at your eyes and ask you to move your arms and legs and also look at Reflexes etc. They then will tell you what further tests you need and they might mention potential causes for your symptoms. In my case they arranged MRIs, bloods & evoked potential tests for the next appointment and then there will be a follow up. So there’s usually more waiting after the initial appointment.

I wonder what will happen at mine as also had MRI and blood tests

I am in a similar position. I am numb down my left side, have had an MRI which has shown 2 active lesions, one in my brain and on in my spine. They said it is likely to be MS but I’m waiting for another MRI and to see the specialist to confirm it. I really don’t know what to expect??? Will it be the same?