First appointment with neurologist

I was diagnosed nearly two months ago after a day in A & E which resulted in a MRI scan. Have finally got a neurologist appointment on Wednesday and I am writing down all the questions that are goind around my head. Really not sure what to expect from the appointment so if anyone can give me any advise it will be greatly appreciated.

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I would be wanting to know what type of MS I have and what, if any treatment is available. Neurologist will/should ask questions about your medical history.

It would be a good idea for you to write down a list of your symptoms, past and present but don’t give the list to neuro…you refer to list at the appointment. You can take a copy and offer to leave it with him/her.

He may do a physical neuro exam. Lights, reflex hammers, balance, coordination etc.

It’s late and that’s about all I can think of…ready for my bed.

Good luck for Wednesday xx

Hi gillsb and welcome to the forum,

I agree with what blossom said you must write all your symptoms down on a list and take it along to your appointment. This will help the neuro in his diagnosis.

Good luck on Wednesday.

I don’t know if you are in the UK or elsewhere in the world but I’m in the UK so this is applicable to the UK only:

What to expect:

I was completely bewildered when I saw my neurologist, having no idea of what to expect. I very quickly realised that he dealt with people like me on a daily basis. I went with my partner for support so I don’t know if you want to take someone along with you? (I found it helped as he had questions of his own that I hadn’t thought of!) Anyway, we sat down and the neurologist asked how I was doing following a hospital stay (leading to my diagnosis). He explained out what MS was and what type I had. Showed me my MRI scans and the difference between the 2 and the lesions I have - assuming you only have 1 scan but may still help to see where they are for better explanation of whats going on inside your body. Explained about treatments available and his recommendation of them. Partner and I were able to ask questions at any point for clarification or otherwise. I had a quick phyiscal exam to test balance, co-ordination, reflexes and eyes. All in all, the appointment took about an hour or so. Once we were out, I realised I was scared over not very much for the appointment. Once you understand that they have seen a lot of people with MS, it becomes a lot easier - you really aren’t alone!

Agree with Blossom - write down all the questions you have & take a list of symptoms as well.

In the UK, you are ‘given’ an MS nurse who will be your day-to-day contact and there to answer any questions you have and who will also help with any relapses you may have. I would check who your MS nurse will be and if you could have their contact details for any questions you have after the appointment (and also to introduce yourself to them).

I found that my neurologist was the one who led the appointment and gave me as much information as possible - I didn’t need to ask most of my questions because he answered them whilst talking.

If I think of anything else I will let you know!

Good luck for Wednesday!


Hi Gillsb,

Hope you are doing ok! How was your neurologist appointment yesterday?


Thanks for the messages. Appointment went really well and my neurologist was ver nice. Still have a few more tests to have done but she is in agreement that I do have MS. She is arranging for a spinal tap, some sort of eye test, some more bloods and will be introducing me to the MS nurses to start discussing disease modifying drugs. Overall it was a positive meeting and I will be seeing her again in 8 weeks.

Hi Gillsb,

I hope everything went well for you at your neurologist appointment yesterday. How are you feeling now that it is over?

Robert xx

Glad to hear you had a good neuro appointment and you felt it went positive.

Take care,

Hi Gilsb,

Im glad everything went well for you.

Take care.

Robert x.

Sounds like it was a positive meeting :slight_smile: good to hear things are moving forward

Hope you are doing well