Can anybody tell me about the first Neurology appointment?

Hi everyone, I’m Hannah and I’m 19 years old. I’m a new user here :slight_smile: I just have a question on what actually happens in your first appointment? I have no clue what to expect, I have written my symptoms down that I’m experiencing as my memory is getting rather poor since these symptoms started, I’ve also written down my family history as MS was on my mums side - my nan had it. If anyone could tell me what happens that would be great and what happens after the appointment? Thanks :slight_smile:

My first appointment was a quick exam of my reflexes on my legs and basically a chat about symptoms then the neuro told me that he was sending me for MRI and various blood tests.

I think that was it. Good luck with your appointments

Hiya, Oh right OK I see :slight_smile: so I’m gathering you don’t hear back/ get your results on the same day as your appointment?

Hi again,

You only get your results back if you had tests before the neuro appt. Some of my tests, MRI/Lumbar puncture/VER, I was waiting months for the next neurology appt to get the results. It took my neurologist 3 years until he was confident of my diagnosis…the waiting game.

All the best

Hiya, Ah I see OK. The waiting game begins then

Hi Hannah,

If your Neurologist is thorough this is what they should do Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

This is a doctor writing about his experience; some of the article may sound strange and frightening but believe me it is not. If you know why they are doing something it does ease your obvious anxiety.

Good luck darlin; you never know it may be a CIS; one off incident that may go as quickly as it came.


Hi George, Ah OK thank you :slight_smile:

my initial neurologist consultation was about 10 minutes in duration. i explained what was happening, when and in what context. i was asked about familial history of MS and any other bouts of unexplained / quickly dismissed symptoms.

then there were a few tests; touch your nose, stand up straight with your eyes shut, can you feel this is cold etc…

the neurologist ordered an MRI and, bless him, said “it doesn’t seem like MS”… but he was fooling no one.

the lesion rich images of my brain and spine confirmed what i had known. but it was left to my GP to break the news to me. soon after i met with the neurologist who gave their confirmation and then introduced the topic of what drug to take.

within weeks, i was taking tecfidera.

i see my neurologist annually for the same sort of physical tests and a chit chat and another MRI appointment being set up.

all quite pleasant really :slight_smile:

Hi Hannah,

It might depend on your symptoms, I had a very clear episode with my eyes and they were good at pushing me through for an MRI scan after a similar 10 minute examination as those described above.

Was all reasonably quick from then on I would say:

5 weeks to getting an initial MRI

4 weeks to going back to get another MRI with contrast dye for a better scan

4 weeks to getting second appointment with Neuro and getting the diagnosis

(So all in all around a 3 month process)

Nothing nasty to do at any point :slight_smile:

So I Have been for. Initial neuro appointment which lasted 7 minutes he did not. Ask about history. Or. Give me. Any chance. To. Tell him. About my symptoms just did pyshical exam And said He does Not Think. It is. Neurological but referred Me For an mri brain scan then to see him again in 6 months is this normal

Hi I am not to sure about another MRI in six months but I had my MRI in August and it was about a month or two later I saw the neurologist, they gave me the appointment out of the blue but the neurologist said that he wanted another one in February March time. So I am still waiting for the letter for the appointment. I already have had blood tests and LP. The neurologist has already given me an appointment in December ( the letter that is) for April, as yet I am not diagnosed with anything. Kay