Advise anyone?

Hi all, i am un dx and having a scary day. I am waiting on an appt to see an MS specialist but e mailed the neuro to ask his advise.

The tingling in my legs and feet is bad today accompanied by right arm weakness feeling and tightenings on and off at the side of my head.

His response was to see the GP but what could he do is my question?

Thanks in advance

Sonia x

Hi Sonia

Sorry you are having a bad day. Your GP could prescribe you some meds to help with the symptoms so its definitely worth trying to get an appointment. GPs can also speed up the neuro appointment too.

Wishing you have a better day tomo

Paula xx

Your GP should be able to determine if there is anything happening that needs emergency treatment. If it’s not an emergency, then it’s still not a bad thing for him/her to see things “in action” so that you might be able to get some meds to help. Sounds like amitriptyline or gabapentin or something like that would do a lot of good!

Karen x

Thanks for the reply’s guy’s, have rang GP and mine is on holiday until next wednesday. Typical eh, she has put a note on to let him know, if it gets worse i guess i will have to go to see one of the others.

Just feel very unsure of myself atm, i have mentioned it to the GP before its just it hasn’t ever felt this weird!

Thanks again

sonia x