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Ive suffered from relapsing remitting MS for the past 15yrs now. Typically I have a relapse every three to four years usually around the month of December. I have been fortunate in that following a relapse I have always made a full recovery and been able to continue working. My last relapse was in december 2011 and I returned to work in May 2012 despite not being fully fit as I wanted to get back to work. Unfortunately, this time I have not made a full recovery and I have had issues at work which have resulted in me being moved to another post more suitable to my condition / needs. My employer, whilst accomodating me by making reasonable adjustments, has a very strict sickness police including what they call an “Unacceptable Attendance Policy” (UAP). During my return to work interview with HR and my line manager I was informed that should I take any further periods of sick leave I may be subject to UAP which ultimately could lead to my dismissal. This is obviously of concern to me. I now find myself coming to work on days when I am unwell and not fit to be at work, or alternatively taking holiday leave instead of sick leave because of the threat of UAP. This is obviously causing me some distress and anxiety. My other issue is that my symptoms include weakness down my right side, pins and needles in my right hand, numbness in my face and lack of coordination. Worst of all is the effect on my cognitive functions and memory. I have what i describe as “mind farts” where I find myself going into a daydream where I apparently am involved in conversations but dont remember them or go into a brief trance like state. I also find myself having to read text four or five times over before I actually understand what is written. I have had a memory tests at hospital in the past but this was towards the end of my relapse when my condition has much improved. I wondered whether anyone has any experience of this and can offer advice either in relation to the UAP situation or the affect on my cognitive state / memory issues.



it doesnt sound right that you are made to feel pressured into returning to work before you are fully fit.

have you got a union? are you being seen by occupational health?

i’m hoping someone with more knowlesge of employment law will reply with better advice.

i remember being like you before i got medical retirement.

brain farts, drifting off even nodding off. i was made to feel really guilty about my illness.

good luck

carole x

As far as I remember they are not allowed to put time off due to relapse in your sickness records.



I agree with Pip. When I worked in HR we could not count the sick leave of anyone with a recognised disability if they were off with anything connected with that disability. You are covered by the Equality Act, which, as far as I understand it, may mean that your company’s policies can not be applied to you if they would put you at a disadvantage when compared with those without a disability. This is a complex issue and I can only recommend that you get expert advice. The MS Society legal advice team are very good.

Hope this helps. Having MS is enough of a b****r without added hassle at work. Stay strong.

Many thanks for taking the time to offer advice it is much appreciated