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Hi, I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Relapse/ remitting MS, and apart from all the usual ailments since my last serious relapse I find that my short term memory is getting worse, and my concentrations levels are getting worse, To make it worse I now have a new Line manager who makes me feel so uncomfortable and questions my every move, This even led to me being off sick with Stress for 6 weeks over Christmas.

I do believe he is hoping I will leave, but it’s not that easy when you need the money, I know my rights, but can anybody tell me if they can alter amend my terms & conditions, pay grade etc, I have a job I do enjoy but an enviroment that I do not! And to be honest if concentration and memory get worse I will struggle more hence a downward spiral.

Anybody who as found thereself in similiar situations I would value your comments.


all the warning signs are there. Give up the job a.s.a.p. before the Ms gets worse and you have another attack.

I am not up to date on these matters, I’m afraid. You know already that htey are obliged to make reasonable adjustments that will help you perform satisfactorily and therefore stay employed. What happens about remuneration if those reasonable adjustments involve moving to work of a lower pay grade? Good question. One argument suggests ‘ring-fencing’ your current Ts&Cs because none of this is your fault; another (also perfectly good) argument says that employers have a responsibility to keep pay in line with duties, and are vulnerable to equal pay challenges if they fail in this duty - particularly if the person being paid at a higher grade than the work he is doing happens to be a bloke.

What, if anything, the case law says about it, I have no idea; when I was last involved, the question was greeted with a ‘who knows?’ shrug from the legal people. I would suggest that you hire yourself some proper legal advice from someone who has access to the up to date position. It is early days for the Equality Act to be filled out by the case law that will accumulate as cases go through courts and tribunals, so many things are still pretty fluid. Hence the need for advice from an expert in the field.


Hi Garry, You should start making notes of things your employer starts saying and arranging for you.

I say this because, I worked in Education for 22 years, and when a new manager appeared, things went down hill really fast.

Firstly are you a union member ? if so contact them and alert them to the trouble you are being placed under. If not a member think of joining one, they might not help you for the first 13 weeks, but you can get advice from them, and then after your 13 weeks are up, they can repressent you at any future employment hearings.

My employment, went from my employer attempting the following procedures , so start recording the dates and facts.

  1. Sent to occupational health for assessment ( Did not work for them )

  2. They employed a private occupational health consultant. (still did not work for them )

  3. Increased my manual workload and took away my assistant ( still did not work for them )

  4. Was blamed, Gross mis-conduct, given a task outside my job description, and when it went wrong. With my union help this was dismissed and I was reinstated, with a final written warning for a year.

  5. Had an accident, falling from a roof. Broke my pelvis, back and hand. They denied requesting me to complete work on the roof and blamedmefor my actions. - Till I produced written request from the management to complete work on the roofs and high levels.

  6. Finally, with my union and a good personnel manager, was offered “ill health” retirement, which I took reluctantly, because my work meant everything to me. But what was the point struggling on.

But as I said start recording everything you are asked to do, because if they want you out, they are doing the very same thing I’ve told you to do. But at least you’ve got your side of things documented.

Hope this is of some use for you, and I hope I haven’t upset you. Thinking about you.


It might be worth giving the MS Society helpline a call. They can put you in touch with the free legal helpline. As far as I remember a solicitor / lawyer called at an appointed time and gave advice over the phone. I would start record keeping and emailing to confirm any verbal communication aswell. If you are in a good union they can be invaluable too.

Good luck.

Hi Thanks for the suggestions, I have certainly ensured a paper trail is forming and will also now keep records, I hope this can be sorted as I do enjoy my job, But I do also understand the frustration it must be as an employor!

Grrrrh… keep on fighting.

Many thanks


Hi Thanks for the suggestions, I have certainly ensured a paper trail is forming and will also now keep records, I hope this can be sorted as I do enjoy my job, But I do also understand the frustration it must be as an employor!

Grrrrh… keep on fighting.

Many thanks


Hi Garry, try your Household Insurance, you may have Legal advise, included in your policy. Andy

Hi Garry. Do you have access to occupation health through work? My employers referred me when dx and they undertook an assessment detailing ‘suggested’ reasonable adjustments. I wish you luck. It’s just another worry isn’t it! L x

Some great advice given above with the exception of anonymous, certainly do not walk out on a job, particulalry if you have a mortgage or any bills for that matter. MS should not mean you give up work asap, your employer has a duty to make fair and reasonable adjustments, it is the law, good luck and let us know how things develop for you.

As a side note, if you are forced out of your employment contact acas PDQ as there are time limits.

I must admit it’s only the last 7 months I have started to have issue’s, We are part of a national company and I have just sent of an e-mail that I think may change things, very friendly but expressing I may need help, be interesting to see how it devolopes, I like my job, I like the Money so hopefully things can be worked out, but I do feel very uncomfortable. ‘‘Fingers Crossed’’

Well good luck to you. My employers are national as well and I kinda think it can help. Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Best of luck. Jan

Hi Garry, I know so well how you feel. I work in the nhs and am currently on the redeployment list. The dept i worked in prior to this were very unsympathetic to the fact i couldn’t do my job and made it clear that there was no other role in the department that could meet my needs. I felt like I’d been slapped in the face and deemed fit only for the scrap heap. I’m doing a trial in an admin post but finding this challenging as I’m not the best with computers. I doubt I’ll be suitable for that job either. Lord only knows what the outcome will be. My neuro said i should take ill health retirement as my ms is so active and there seems to be no let up with symptoms :frowning: I hope things turn out in your favour. Good luck x

Hi Gary I think you should tell your manager in confidence and they are required by law to make your job easier for you because you come under the disabilities equalities act 2010. More info can be found here Definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010 - GOV.UK. Hope this helps you?