Employment advice

Hi. I have been in a new job for five months as part of a senior management team. In my first month I became tearful as I wasn’t feeling great and my line manager said,“you obviously not as strong as thought you were. You do triathlons and sail so I thought you were strong when this is obviously not the case”. I was so angry and immediately lost all respect for him. Today he spoke to me about alleged poor performance. All petty stuff. I had enough and told him I resign. I then walked out. Admittedly I have been struggling over the past few weeks re concentration and focus but he is not the person to be supportive with ms cognitive issues. I have spoken to hr and they have told me to spend a few days thinking about whether I truly want to resign. I feel caught between a rock and a hard place. Anybody had a similar experience?


Does your line manager know you have MS, if not may I suggest you inform him so he can understand that sometimes it’s not easy to absorb information? On the same theme are HR aware of your condition if not I would be inclined to inform them. Your line manager doesn’t sound like a very nice person. Give yourself time and think it through before resigning. Wishing you good luck and hope you come to a decision that will make you happy.




You need to think hard about resigning, because you maybe giving up a lot.

You did not say if this was a promotion at work, if this is you wil loose your right for employment equality/disability rights and possibly delayed access to benefits for the future because your making yourself unemployed.

As Janet says talk to your HR dept, they must come across this often with disabilities.