A meeting with HR regarding SSP

Hi Everyone,

I've just received a letter from my employer and would like some advice.  I've been on sick leave since early November, I have RRMS and suffer a lot with fatigue, drop foot etc ( you all know the score!!!)

They are asking me to go for a meeting with them to discuss my current health situation, my sick pay entitlement and the possiblity of seeking a doctors report.

I am probably not going to be able to go back to work, even though I really like it, and find myself getting more and more frequent relapses when I do work. I had 9 weeks off over the summer and only went back in September.  Therefore I was planning to leave when my SSP finished and claim try to claim ESA.

Is it realistic to do this or are my employers entitled to dismiss me?? I do feel guilty when I hand over another months sick note but I know I would be ill again if I went back.

Any advice please,

Thanks Jess



Hi Jess,


You employers are only doing what an employer should do; good on them.  Obviously they must find out what restrictions would apply to you returning or if you have a contributory or non-contributory pension scheme there is probably an Ill Health Retirement clause.


DO NOT think about resigning; they are just following the correct procedure.  Just one thing at all meetings have a Union Rep. friend or colleague.



Hi, I agree with George that your employers are only doing what they should, this is your chance to raise any issues so don’t be afraid to do so, if you think putting adaptations in place would help you to return to work then ask for them.
Are your employers entitled to dismiss you? Well despite the fact that you have ms they do not have to keep you employed forever while you are off sick, they will have a procedure which they will have to follow regardless of whether someone has ms or not. If you yourself do not believe you could return to work anyway, it may be possible for you to come to some agreement with them, perhaps early retirement (don’t know your age), I’ll health retirement or even redundancy.
Good luck with your meeting.

As the others have said your employer wants to get a handle on the situation. Is a return to work on the cards or are they looking at frustration of contract? When your SSP runs out is the time decisions are usually made. I personally was off work sick for 12 months because my employer paid 6 months on full pay and 6 months on half pay. When the pay ran out I took ill health retirement and claimed IB because I was still not fit to work.

It may be that you can return to work with some help, this meeting is all about finding out. It is not an automatic precursor to termination. But Cheryl is correct; your employer is not obliged to keep your job open indefinitely – if you are still not able to return to work after many months (6?) it is only realistic for your employer to explore options.



Thanks everyone, I'll keep you posted nervous