Advice please!

I have a cousin with MS who is 70. She has a live in carer but I am not sure how much he gets involved in her financial issues. She gets very confused especially about money problems and I don’t think she is capable of sorting these out herself. I live some distance from her so it is very difficult to keep an eye on her . My question is, are MS suffers allocated a social worker or an advocate to help them sort out practical problems like this? I also think she has been the victim of an online scam and has given this person money. I am very worried about her.

Sounds to me like you need to contact citizens’ advice or someone like that for advice about the suspected scam. And perhaps your cousin’s social services.

Another thing you can do is try and get power of attorney for her it costs about eighty pounds if you do it but a lot more for a solicitor to do it. I am poa of my mum who is eighty one with sound mind. It was brought us up sharp when my father died and to sort out the banking was a bit of a hassle ok a lot of hassle and they had joint accounts. Good luck Kay