extra help


My wife has a cousin who is severely handicapped with MS. She cannot feed, wash or dress herself. Social services provide daily carers. She has refused offers of a specialist home and is quite wilful and can sometimes be quite unpleasant.

We are quite elderly and live many miles away so occasional visits are all we can manage. Her son lives in the same flat but is not at all helpful or supportive. It has transpired he has even been abusing her bank account and credit cards. Power of attorney has been granted to another aunt since.

She has recently inherited a substantial sum of money which could finance extra care. So, my question is, Is there a source of “companions” or other approved nursing that could be employed to make her life a little more interesting and fill in the hours of loneliness she has to endure.

I look forward to any suggestions.

Regards, Chas11h

A relative in the caring professions has spoken highly of ‘Country Cousins’. A web search will take you there.