Advice over breathing

Please could anyone advise me how to get it under control and stop the panicky feelings…I had a bad attack of this as iv’e already written on Saturday …so bad that after ringing 111 nhs help line to my dismay they sent an ambulance and wanted me to go in for monitoring my blood pressure was up and heart rate …i was trying so hard to stay calm but struggling to speak felt like a goldfish out of water…I hate hospitals…they soon realised that it was my existing condition but a i’m still in limbo, waiting for a second opinion…so not much help available.

Michelle x

sounds like it could be panic attacks Michelle,maybe brought on be doing too much over the holidays,i find Bachs rescue remedy help me when i get panicky,you can get it online,Boots and most chemists,i also found taking Diazepam helps the hug too,but a lot of drs wont prescribe it as its addictive,i also found that laying down,propped up and putting your arms behind your head helps,it opens up the chest a bit more,i also in my head repeat the word calm over and over.

If your mind starts racing a lot thats also a symptom of panic attacks too.Hope you feel better soon,it will go off,but just now it will seem never ending.

J x

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Hi Michelle, sounds like panic attack to me too.

I used to get them years ago and I never get them now… so you can recover from them.

When you go into a panic attack you start ‘over breathing’ which floods your body with oxygen and makes you feel very strange… and then of course you panic more.

Get a smallish paper bag and keep it handy. Next time it happens breathing in and out of the paper bag… so you are blowing it up and then breathing the air back in. This will lower the oxygen in your body as you’ll be breathing in carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

There are loads of internet sites which tell you how to deal with them and Mrs J’s advice about ‘rescue remedy’ is very good.

You could also try drinking chamomile herbal tea which will also calm you down (put honey in it if you don’t like the taste).

Also chemist sell tablets called ‘Calms’ (or might be ‘Kalms’). I found they were a lifesaver when I had panic attacks.

Find ways of lowering your stress levels. You will learn how to deal with them and they WILL go away. Promise!!!

Pat xx

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Hi Michelle

I agree I reckon they are panic attacks, which make you hyper ventilate, so try to slow your breathing.

Pats advice with the paper bag is a fantastic bit of advice, and it really works, so please give it a go.

Hope you feel better soon, hang in there, it will get easier ((((hugs))))

Pam x

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i am worried about Michelle, hope shes ok, because she hasnt been on here since asking for help with her breathing., this morning.

J x

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Thank you Mrs J, you are so kind i’m okay just struggling to make sense of everything, I feel so alone with this wretched illness, even husband is fed up with me tonight, i’m so exhausted emotionally just feeling like i’m getting more health problems and i don’t know where to turn. The disability grant are making me a wet room, and a ramp and putting patio doors on my bedroom so i can get in instead of crawling in which i do on bad day…i should be happy but i’m not…i feel like Noooo I don’t want this i want to get better and walk again!! The worst thing is the second opinion that i was meant to have with a recommended specialist isn’t going to happen because the authority he is in, wont let him see people out of area. and he doesnt do private consultations, so back to the drawing board again. Please if anyone knows a good ms specialist let me know i’m so tired of being fobbed of with anxiety disorder, my CBT lady says its not that and iv’e been left with that label. Please let me know if anyone has a good recommendation, my doctor has said she will fully support me.

So touched that you cared, thank you

Michelle x