Advice on finance

I am a genuine self employed with all payment by BACS and and over 40 years clean record with HMRC for paying all taxes on time and in full.
Last February I and some 8 other people had to attend a site induction.
I person was very ill and constantly coughing.
1 week later i got a constant dry cough + taste of blood.
I was diagnosed with a chest infection and fixed with antibiotics.
3 weeks later i collapsed and lost all streangth in my lower body.
The wife + son managed drag me back into the house.
For the next 3 weeks I was unable to stand, lost coordination in the left arm + hand and was totally disorientated. I was the lucky one as my mate, who also attended this induction also collapsed and spent many weeks on life support.
Bottom line is I did not have a stroke but even now 1 year later I have still not regained my strength.
Work has collapsed and I made a fiscal loss of several thousands of pounds in the 2020-2021 tax year.
I have tried many times to get some financial support without success.
Covid wise as i did not qualify for the first self employed support I have been automatically barred from all later tranches.
Government self employed loand. Again as self employed there are expensive strings attached
Unemployment- not available to the self employed
Sickness- again not available to the self employed
I can’t sell the business as it is very specialised and all my customers have halted new work for another 2 years. Feb 2020 we had a back order for 2 years work, all ow which has been cancelled.
What are we expected to live on?