advice from peristeen users

I at last have peristeen…well today i did it as instructed…warm water and used about 900ml went in easy…sat on loo and loafs came out couldnt believe it was shocked…now a bit hmmm it was very soft and green…now im on high dose lactulose and usually a bit comes out naturally in the am but i can never empty…i was really shocked as was green…it was easy i sat on loo and bent forward and although i know not totally clear a lot came out…does it work like that for others? Do you still use laxatives? And green was that becsuse i was clogged up so so long .weird question i know…i have tummy ache from using it and bladder playing up will that settle Thanks

Anon! Personally, I was unfamiliar with this system, so checked it out on What an excellent system for clearing out the bowel! The system itself only uses water, so is very safe and a perfect solution for someone with chronic constipation etc. Remember the system is flushing out the contents of your bowel, so whatever went in is eventually making its way out. Did you not receive any prior advice about the system from your GP/ nurse? Tracyann

Oh yeh, I can see why the colour shocked you!

I dont have personal knowledge of Peristeen, but we do have several members here, who use it.

I am sure they`ll be along soon to help you.

At least you`ve got it moving!

luv Pollx

Hey anon

I am a peristeen user but I have to use as I have regular blips. It used to 4-5 times I would have an accident as I can feel bugger all. The peristeen has cut it down to about one a week and has made my life a lot easier. As for the colouration I wouldn’t worry about that too much, the more important things is that you are now fully able to empty your bowels. IF the green colouration really does worry you then it would probably best to see the doc and see what they say.


hi anon

i’m not a peristeen user (yet) but i’ve learned to never say never.

my first son was premature and the first nappy he “went” in when we got home was day-glo green!

health visitor said that prem babies often had colustrum in thei system and thats why he did such a lovely green poo

carole x

Can’t comment on peristeen but I have in the past had a green nappy to deal with, like Carole says above, but not from a premature baby. I was told by health visitor that it was fine. But, why not ask your gp since you are obviously wonderin if it is ok. Cheryl:-)

I think I would need one - do you get them from GP or neuro consultant?

Thanks Moyna xxx

Moyna, l just contacted Coloplast the company who provide Peristeen. They sent me a DVD to show me how it works - [not one to show your guests] lt is used by many folk with different disabilities. Many wheel-chair athletes use it. lt ‘enables’ you to empty your bowels when you want to - and not when they decide to. Gives you control. The nurse from Coloplast contacted the local ‘incontinence nurse’ and they arranged to come and give me a trial. Bit embarrassing to begin with - but we were soon having a giggle! They then arrange for a prescription via your GP - and you just telephone Coloplast for supplies that are posted to you. l did use mine everyday for about 3weeks - then gradually cut it down to about 2/3 times a week. l have had this system for about 4yrs. l suffer with chronic diarrhoea - so l take meds to bung me up and then use the peristeen to guarantee that l am empty. Otherwise, l am running to the loo at least 6 times a day - and not always getting there. [did l say run - well a slow wobble].

Thanks SpaceJacket,

Your problems sounds the same as mine. I take imodium to bung me up then glycerine suppositories to make me go. I need to make sure I have gone in the morning before I dare to leave the house. Otherwise I am in trouble…

Moyna xxx


I use Peristeen and I remember that my tummy did feel funny when I started using it but if that pain should be really bad then you should seek medical attention. I have an overactive bladder so I get the ‘wee’ thing anyway but don’t give up with Peristeen, it takes a while to get used to and your body will take a while to being ‘poo’ free but then the benefits are immense and it’s well worth it. I’ve never had ‘green’ poo so I can’t comment but if you’re worried you could call your nurse for advice if you have the number.

Good luck.