advice / direction needed please ...

Hi, We are new to the Forum & MS ! We would really like to hear some of your advice and any knowledge you have on our journey so far and our future options please - I will try to give you a quick summary of where were at now :

We moved from England to France several years ago and are both in our 30’s, no children just dogs! My partner has suffered a few years from Fatigue and general aches & pains, until recently when he ended up in hospital for 3 weeks after feeling much worse and losing mobility whilst there. He has had many scans and tests and the French healthcare system seems to be good and fast but we are wondering if the same would be happening if we were living in the UK … he also had a lumber punch that was carried out by a trainee and failed 3 times, he suffered from migraines and has had an extremely bad back for several weeks now. He had more MRI scans last week and they told us he still has active lessions but no new ones but they would not be able to tell us if its remitting/relapsing or Primary/progressive until after more MRI scans in 2 months time - does this sound correct?? They have given him tablets called ‘Lyrica’ but from what i can understand these are general nerve painkillers … are they worth taking?

Lastly, we live quite rural and feel a bit isolated with very little support so are considering moving back to the UK to be closer to friends and family but where do we start with MS Support financial and care ??

Any advice or knowledge gratefully received, Thank you.


i don’t think i can answer your question as fully as i would like to but can give you a summary of my journey so far.

in 2008 i was referred to a neurologist because i had severe pins and needles in my feet.

this wasn’t a ms specialist neuro but was the one who deals with my local area.

he was excellent and after getting all my history and seeing me again when my symptoms were a lot worse - drop foot resulting in a bad fall, he booked me in for a lumbar puncture.

i was told that i have relapsing remitting and was passed to a ms specialist neuro.

was on copaxone daily injections until this year when the in injection sites became a massive problem.

i am now on tecfidera just 2 tablets a day and no injections!

i take lyrica (pregabalin) too because gabapentin were no longer agreeing with me.

also take amitriptylene for nerve pain.

hope someone comes along who can help more

carole x