Diagnosis support


My partner has been diagnosed with Ms 3 years ago however her symptoms do not clearly match allot of what I have read. I hear allot of misdiagnosis can happen and I’m really worried that before we start to have life changing treatment it would be vital to see a doctor who is open to potential alternative theories.

I have no idea where to start so I’m sorry if this is not the right place but I have no idea where to turn and there is so much information around it makes it impossible to know where and who to discuss with.

I’m so worried and want to try to help her. If it is MS then it is and we need to move forward with options however if it is not then it’s vital we understand as quick as possible.

Any advise or knowledge. Any idea where to turn I would be most grateful

hi carter

are you in the uk? or where?

you could pay to go private, if in uk then once diagnosis is secure, she will be able to get treatment on the NHS.

the big new treatment that sounds so great, i wish i was wealthy, is stem cell treatment. HSCT

the medications also have a lot to offer.

if she can get lemtrada this seems to be the best.

they all carry risks but the biggest risk is to do nothing.

the purpose of Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs) is to prevent or reduce relapses.

relapses usually leave an element of disability, so if you can cut the number of relapses, you will also cut the amount of residual disability.

i’m on a 2 tablets a day drug called tecfidera.

it carries risks but i am closely monitored by an ms nurse every 3 months.

symptoms do vary widely so do talk to her ms specialist about it all.

don’t let your anxiety feed her own anxiety.

be positive and pop back to this forum to update us.

also some of the ms therapy centres offer HBOT (Hyper Barric Oxygen Treatment) which is a good healer.

these centres have a huge social impact for the person with ms and family & friends.

hope this helps

carole x

Hi, I can identify with your fears as I have been wrongly diagnosed, maybe twice!

As your partner was diagnosed 3 years ago, can I ask why you`re feeling like this now?

Has treatment only just been offered?

I think you need to speak to her neuro or maybe ms nurse and ask all those questions that are running round your head.