newley diagnosed

hi everyone

I was diagnosed last week with MS, it didnt show up on the MRI but did after a Lumber Punch and Electrical tests. i have now been given the option of meds and im completely overwhelmed by the diagnosis and now my decision. I already have discoid Lupus so i just dont know what to do? I think iv got RRMS but my remission time has only been up to a week and i feel i get worse every time. im so scared at the moment. my choice of meds are tablets or infution.

thanks for any advice x

I can’t do links because I am posting from my phone but, if you Google the MS Trust UK website, they do a really good tool for comparing different MS medications which might help you get a clearer idea of what might be best for you. As well as how good different drugs are at fending off relapses the thing that you must keep in mind is how a drug would fit in with your lifestyle. Compliance with your medication regime is vital. What suits some people might be a complete no-no for others.

When you have got a shortlist of drugs that you think would be best for you you should then discuss the final choice with your neurologist and/or MS nurse.


i am sorry to hear of your diagnoses

i too have been recently diagnosed

I will be starting tecfidera once it’s delivered to me. Nurse has called it a first line treatment and it said it has a 50% efficacy. Hopefully it’ll reduce the amount of relapses.

But you can browse the treatment section of this site to compare all the medications and speak to the ms nurse about what you are meeting the criteria for

Best of luck x

Hi i am new to all this as well (Sadly)

Briefly:- started August 2016. Burning right shoulder tingling in right arm them about 15 other symptoms - neck shock, weak left leg (was hobbling for about two weeks) loads of tingling, here and there, bladder and bowel issues, some dizzyness. Nothing else so i consider myself lucky compared to others. Some small symptoms persist.

First MRI November 2016. Several periventricular lesions (turned out to be 5 lesions in total 3 scarred over 2 active) second MRI Jan 2017 two further small and mild active ones.

Have been offered DMD but just am unable to commit my mind to this scenario. Hepatic injury, PML and reduced white blood cell count vs MS. I just cant get it out of my head that the current drugs are barking up the wrong tree (sorry ive read about everything possible on the Internet and im not suggesting that they don’t work and im not a scientist…Im just going to avoid this until ive got no choice??

I would like to hear a bit about others experiences prior to dx if thats ok? did you have anything weird many years before? Mine came out the blue never before anything like it. I haven’t been dx with MS yet but it is about 2mm away. Technically i have reached the criteria but with the two scans so close together i think he is holding off.



Bless your heart

my ms nurse has made it clear that once diagnosed if you meet ‘the criteria’ starting meds is the best way to reduce chances of relapses. I’m not best pleased about side effects possible but I also am so angry with this that I’ll do anything to prevent it deteriorating quicker

for approx 2 years I’ve had on/off numb areas but nothing of major concern.Tiredness, increased reflexes, and dizziness. I’ve suggested ms numerous times to gp- it was brushed under the carpet. I was referred to neuro Feb, scan march and diagnosed April.

until 13 months ago I was running miles and miles weekly- now walking the dog knackered me- but I can do it. To look at me - I’m healthy and fine but inside I am a mess.

I hope you get on well at your future appointments and any info I have you is of some use