Newly Diagnosed


I posted before Christmas about my symptoms. After MRI and lumbar puncture I was diagnosed with MS last Friday. I am still in a bit of shock even though I half expected it since I thought my initial diagnosis of a stroke was wrong. However what has been on my mind all weekend is that when I asked was their any medication I could take the neurologist said NO. He said come back in 6 months and would send me details of an MS nurse I could call if I got anymore symptoms to by pass my GP. When I asked what sort of symptoms to expect he didn’t really answer. I have read on this website that their is medication for RRMS but not PPMS, he didn’t tell me anything abut what type. I now feel I should have asked a lot more questions. I was thinking of going to my GP and asking about medication and for a possible second opinion. Can anyone advice me on what I should ask my GP in terms of medication?



Nicola If you use the near me search on here you can find your nearest ms nurse contact and call them, that’s what I did. In my own personal experience my GP has been useless in my ms journey,DX 2 months ago. Hope yours is better Gray x

Hi nicola I was just dx today with MS and have been put on the waiting list for meds and told an MS nurse would contact me soon. I had two relapses in the last 4-5 months and one over a year ago when this all started. I was told i meet the criteria for meds i think u need to have so many relapses within a certain time frame for meds. I am new to this so somebody with more experience with all this could probably give u more info. Hope you r well and have good suport at home its hard to get your head around all the info. charlene