Hi everyone

I’m back from seeing the MS specialist. I had to go through my history again top to bottom as I expected and had a nice long list in chronological order of my symptoms, which he listened to and noted down.

He examined me and then pronounced that yes it was MS and also PPMS but it had a few things that could label it relapsing ppms. Anyway, he could not say that for sure, so no treatment.

In fact, I have now been left at the mercy of the GP and the MS nurse. If I have further problems I have to be referred back to him,

He was great ,really thorough but you don’t feel that well disposed towards someone who tells you that it will only get worse!

Well, anyway feeling relieved but very sad.

Teresa xx


Hello Teresa

I am pleased for you that you did get answers - albeit ones that have made you feel sad. ((((hugs)))))

I’m sure your MS nurse will be able to give you plenty of advice and assistance - as well as everyone else on this site too.

Take care and best Christmas wishes to you.

Love Claire xx

ps; hopefully I shall have some answers from the same specialist on my appointment next week!

[/quote] Thanks Claire Hope you get some answers from him too. Merry Christmas and look after yourself. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa.

It's always a blow, no matter how much we expect it letdown


Still, it's good to know what's happening, and great to have a definite answer to people's questions!


(((((hugs))))) to try and help make you feel a wee bit better.


Karen x


Hi Teresa,

I'm sorry for the news you got today but now at least you know. I was thinking of you when I logged on today and hoped that you'd had some answers.

Hope things are helped by the GP a nd MS nurse.

Chis x

Hi Teresa, well now you know what you`ve got, you can begin to wear that label and the ??? marks will fade.

But as for relapsing PPMS.......dunno what that entails.


Try not to feel too bad about`re in good company!

luv Pollx

Hi all

Thanks for your support, it does help. It’s a strange feeling at the mo’. I was expecting it but it’s still a shock to hear it.

Teresa xx