Admitted to hospital for sudden symptoms

Hi everyone,

I am so glad I stumbled over this site. I am feeling a tad confused, upset and alone. I have just been discharged from hospital after a 3 day emergency admission. Feeling slightly better but still completely bizzare lol

Since the start of this year, I have been feeling run down, feeling like I had a bug that was never coming to anything, leaving me quite exhausted. I also started to get lots of mouth ulcers at this time too. As the year progressed, I have felt worse and worse, on and off spells of naseau, lightheadedness. I started developing pins and needles most nights lying on the settee (my favourite place lol), and restless legs. Last Friday around teatime I suddenly got painful skin on my leg, like it was sunburnt, I couldn’t even bare to put pj’s on that night. By morning it had eased off. On Saturday night, I went to out of hours, as my face, tongue and lip were tingly and felt numb and swollen. I was sent home with a “viral infection” diagnosis. Over the course of the week, my mouth got so dry I could barely speak (hubby was glad) and on Wednesday night, at 7pm, the whole left side of my body went completely numb. Went to the docs first thing in the morning, leg gave way twice on way there. By this point, the pressure in my head was unbelievable and I was weak on left side. Got admitted straight away, and was told they suspected tumor, encephalitis or menangitis. Thankfully after scans and lumber puncture these were all ruled out! Yay. They ran some other tests and said that basically the only thing that is left is neurological. Have been refered there.

The tinglyness, naseau, fatigue and lack of appetite continue. I have also developed a sore left eye. It feels like it is straining to read something?? I can open my eye, but much prefer to keep it shut for comfort. I have only lost balance twice in all of this, and speech seems fine, although have had to slow down a bit as I keep stuttering.

I am open to the fact that it is NOT m.s or indeed any neurological condition. Infact I am beginning to think I am imagining it all. Ha ha. I just wish I knew what on earth was wrong with me.

My family and hubbies family haven’t shown much support tbh. Quite hurtful and upsetting. More upsetting, last night had a big massive row with hubby, he said he doesn’t want to hear about any possible illnesses or symptoms. He is sick of it all. I didn’t realise how self obssessed I have been, feel bad.

Anyway, I am so sorry to have rambled on to such a great length, now you see why hubby is sick listening to me he he.

Looking forward to chatting to everyone, seems like a nice forum. Happy Sunday folks x

hi i read this and thought sjorgrens disease. - dry mouth swollen tongue pins and needles etc. it is easily treated and a blood test could confirn it. it is generally known as an ms mimic.

moyna xxx

it`s ok hun. You can talk to us here. many of us find we can vent our innermost feelings here. We understand. We have similar feelings and lack of support from our nearest and dearest.

My hubby hates me surmising on a problem. Says see what docs say. Keeing quiet is difficut for me.

I doubt this is all in your mind. Hope it isnt too long till your neuro appt comes. Write symptoms down. Take someone with you if poss, as we can forget what is said.

luv Pollx

I second Sjögren’s my first thought too. How are your eyes feeling? Do you find they are tired a lot of the time, or red, or sore? Leah :slight_smile:

Hi, It’s ok to have a moan or rant on here as at some time or other we all do it. What makes it worse for you is not knowing what is wrong and because people can’t see your pain (like a broken leg) they just don’t understand. Don’t be put off as when your neuro appt’ comes through you will know more. Let’s hope it comes quickly. (((((hUGS))))) Janet x