Addivce on LDN please.

Hi everybody,

Need some addivce on LDN in which format it is best to take it in?

At present I take 4.5ml in liquid form, is this the best way.

The reason I ask this is because new bottles come before I’ve finished the first, sometimes I’ve not been in when they have tryed to deliverd, sitts in post office, also when travelling abroad having it in hand luggage.

Is there any differance between tablet or liquid?


Mel x

Hi Mel,

I take the liquid form, and like you i always get the new bottles before i’ve finished the last. They say they last about 3 months in the fridge, but i think they could last for longer. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

As for travelling. I’ve been abroad a couple of times in Europe and they were fine with it.

take care


Mel, l too take 4.5ml ldn - in liquid form. You could ask for the capsules - they are more expensive. l live in a little village with very friendly postman/lady - they know that the parcel with my ldn - which has to be signed for - they scribble a signature and leave in a safe place. The nearest post depot is quite a long way for me to go. Dicksons are very helpful - lf you ask them they might let you have a bottle of the capsules to keep for travelling. The liquid has such a ghastly taste l think l might change to the capsules. At least l can keep them next to the bed instead of in the fridge.


Hi Mel, I take 4.5 mg in capsule form. I’ve tried both liquid and capsule but I found the capsules handier. Hope this helps Andy


Dont think there is a ‘best’ just a preference for u. Liquid cheaper.

Frances,I like the taste, gosh must have swallowed some yuk things in my life if LDN is horrible to some folk!

Ellie xxx


l have to eat a whole bar of Aldi’s Dark Choc with almonds afterwards - just to take the taste away of course.



Of course, but am sure we have had this convo before-what do we need?! LDN, sex and chocolate-any order is good-all together is Hehehehehe!

Ellie x