Adaptations for help with computer screens and loss of depth perception

Hi , I am fairly new on this forum so in advance please be forgiving about any imminent cock ups that I may be about to make . Does anybody know of anything that I can do to adapt my computer screen at work to help with the fact that I have loss of depth perception ? I am convinced that I have pressed the right letter only to find that I have pressed a letter that’s about three lines down .

Thanks .

Helen .

phone the IT dept and ask them, if you have IT support at your workplace.

otherwise try a computer shop to find out what is available and what it costs.

then google online suppliers to find the best deal.

carole x


has your optician prescribed corrective lenses? This would be my first course of action.


I had optic neuritis and in work use my computer every day for detailed design work, however I actually really struggled more with email as I couldn’t enlarge the text on received emails. I phoned up my IT department but they were of no use. Since then been unfortunately diagnosed with ms so am now more aware of where to go for advice. So, assuming you have advised your work of your diagnosis if they have an occupational health department you could enquire there. There is also the access to work scheme - they may be able to help - they give advice on aids to help people stay in work and can help pay towards the costs depending on circumstances, I’ve not contacted them yet, but hearing from others they are meant to be excellent. Also, depending on your eyesight there are low vision clinics in hospitals that might be able to help. There again your IT dept might be better than mine so if they recommend something please come back and tell us!

Thanks for the replies . My company is basically useless , its a big company but has only one o.t nurse for the entire country so she never visits anybody only talks to you quickly on the phone . I have asked for help with staying in my job several times as I have gotten considerably worse over the last eighteen months but have been waiting for o.t help via the company since February 2017 so I am not holding my breath. My optician wasn’t much help last time I asked them about this which is why I am trying to find an answer myself . I am going to try the access to work scheme and will try and keep you posted . Thanks to you all once again .

Helen .