Problems seeing at work


I haven't been diagnosed yet and have had problems with my eyesight - I work at a computer all day and find that I am slow moving between looking at various items on spreadsheets (I'm an accountant). I feel like I am not up to my usual quick self.

My partner thinks I should mention this to my boss to the extent where I mention the waiting for  Neorologist appt and that my Opthalmist had mention the presence of lesions on my MRI scan that may be an indicaton of MS. I think this is going too far. What experience do people have here?

I'm happy to ask for a bigger computer monitor at work but want to hold back on alot of the details so far until I have a diagnosis. I know I have been worried whilst waiting for my hospital appointment but don't want to make myself more ill than I already am by living up to symptoms that I have read about.


Sounds about right to me. You can get caught in a cleft stick on this one; if the investigation is inconclusive and you have a dismissive type of neurologist, you'd be better to bide your time rather than raise the specific issue of MS at work and have it contradicted.

Hi Fade,

I can understand your reluctancy to tell your boss anything at this stage. On the other hand though, receiving a firm diagnosis isn't necessarily a quick process - for some people it comes relatively quickly but for others it's a long haul.

So I guess whether you confide in your boss now pretty much depends on how much you're struggling at work and whether you even want to tell him/her. If they'd be open to supplying you with a bigger screen without asking too many questions then maybe that's the way to go for now.

I have problems with my vision and now have a far bigger monitor at work. I find taking regular breaks from looking at the screen helps a little too - even if it's just for a few minutes at a time. I also have a picture on the wall a few feet behind (and just above) my monitor which I regularly peek at, but this largely depends on where your desk is located. Looking out the window may be an option? It just helps to give your eyes a bit of a break from staring at the screen all the time which is hard on the eyes anyway. 

Personally I'd ask for a bigger screen now but wait until I'd seen the neuro before going into details about the possibilities of what could be wrong.

Good luck with whatever you decide

Debbie xx  





I would tend to agree with both of you. My boss knows I have balance problems and that I have seen a doctor at the hospital - along the lines of my lazy eye and vision problems relating to this. 

I will ask for a bigger monitor, up my typing skills and just look after myself.

Thanks for your help.


That sounds like a good plan Fade!

I set myself high standards at work too - I'm very conscientious - but sometimes this results in my putting myself under even more pressure  - which is not always a good thing!

Take one day at a time, pace yourself and look after you.

Debbie xx