Workplace and MS

I was diagnosed just over a year ago but had an incident 3 years in March. Since my incident I have not lost any time from work. I work more than my contracted hours but recently I was asked to change my working environment. I explained that the area is suitable and the reason why and my boss agreed reluctantly to leave things as they are.

Since then I have had 2 people’s workload put on me and unreasonable demands. I so want to try to get the work done so there is no reason to doubt me. Over the last month I can’t sleep well and I have started to have vision problems and tingling sensation in my hands and neck.

I can’t go to any other people to discuss my issues as my boss is the head. Any suggestions, I am feeling quite down at the moment and I do feel I am being punished!

I think you are going to have to discuss things with your boss. Is the m.s. a factor in your finding things difficult - if NOT then I wouldn’t bring it up, I would just say you are finding things difficult as you have too much work foisted on you and things need reviewing.