Job without screens???

Can someone give me some guidance.
Can i just check if anyone has had to change their career or job due to their symptoms?

I have had 8 episodes of ON and have permanent damage to my left optic nerve with blurred vision. I have an office job and have to wear patches to help. Any screens or reflective screens makes my eyes water and very tired.
I have antiglare on the screen but i was wondering if anyone had any guidance on any other roles or careers i could consider?
I would be happy to retrain but would need it to be no more than a year.
super appreciate anyone elses experiences.
thank you

I work as an executive coach and am lucky enough to be able to use screens and work virtually. That said, there are coaches and therapists that work exclusively by telephone as it can prove really intimate. People are sometimes more willing to work deeply with you when they don’t have to look at you or be seen. So some sort of phone based person centric work might suit?

I’ve gone from face toffee to virtual but think I could carve out something that’s phone only…

Good luck with things