Acute relapse

Hey folks, I had a acute relapse last week and it knocked me off my feet, I now appreciate fully what it is like to struggle. I’m 24 and was diagnosed at 16, I’ve had 5 relapses this year and really scared the disease is progressing. I’ve had a lot of stress this year from seperating from my wife, really shaken for the first time in my life.


Has it been confirmed by a neuro or MS nurse that you’ve really had five relapses this year? The reason I ask is that relapses have to be separated from the last by at least 30 days to count as a new one, and not all part of the same one. So it would be quite hard, if not impossible, to squeeze in five relapses since January, bearing in mind the rule about the 30-day gap.

It is also quite unusual - but not impossible - to have a relapse lasting just a week. The average relapse lasts four or five weeks, and some much longer.

So I’m wondering if you have had either (a) one long relapse, which has waxed and waned in intensity, or (b) something else that looks like relapses, but might not be - such as a series of infections that have caused symptoms to flare up.

Have you discussed this with your neuro or MS nurse? Have you been checked out for any infection - particularly a water infection?


Hey Tina, thank you for your response this is the first year I have really struggled and I seem to panic every time something new comes up. I’ve had ms for a long time, but it didn’t used to have a affect, maybe your right it could just be a very long one and I ain’t noticed. Just spooking me right out. But if I think about it I have had symptoms a very long time and it hasn’t returned to base yet. I have the relapse clinic Tommorow to see what is going on. Every part of my body has had either numbness or weakness since the start of the year. Just dunno what to do anymore. Scared is a understatement Lee

Hi Lee,

It is possible to have a very long and lingering relapse, but still make a good recovery. It sounds like you may have had the same one lurking for quite a few months.

The one that first led to my diagnosis lasted a year, but I’m quite fit and well now - for someone who’s 48 and has MS, that is. Life’s far from perfect, but it certainly wasn’t a sign I was on the brink of a really steep decline.

I know that’s easy to say, with hindsight. At the time, I too wondered whether the changes were permanent, or the start of something even worse. But most things got about 90% better.

You’ve been having a stressful time, as you mention - which doesn’t help. Hopefully your life will enter a more stable period soon.

I’m glad you’re attending the relapse clinic. They’ll be able to assess whether you’ve been having a long relapse, or there is something else, like an infection, that might be causing this.



Thank you very much for your help Tina, I think I just need to get it together, I smoke aswell which really doesn’t help the situation. Need to change my whole lifestyle. Diet stopping smoking, STRESS RELIEF! Just coming to terms with it for the first time. You have been a big help Lee x

Hi Lee

Sorry you feel so low at the moment.

Keeping away from stress is a huge part of this disease. My symptoms hit the roof when I was getting lots of stress due to redundancy and losing my home so I know what you are going through and how the symptoms elevate at stressful times. It sounds as if there is a lot of stress in your life at the moment.

I am sure that when things steady up in your life and you get rid of the stresses out there at the moment you will feel better.

We are all here for you whenever you need us.

Hope things pick up for you soon.


Shazzie x

Lee I have PPMS so dont know about remission but stress really whacks me as do urine infections. A urine infection can leave me ridgid unable to lift a beg off the bed, I seem to have the urine infections under control now as I have a suprapubic catheter fitted. Good luck with the review. Don

Do you see a neurologist? Have they suggested you might go on drugs to reduce the frequency and severity of your relapses? There is a woman who has Tysabri at the same time as me who is even younger than you, I think. She is doing really well on it - you wouldn’t know there is anything the matter with her.

Hey folks I read through all of your comments and thanks