anyone had a long relapse !!

Has anyone on here had a long relapse,longer than normal, i dont know if i am having one long relapse since april this year,or if i am having one relapse straight after another,what i do know is i have never felt as ill as i do now,the longest one i have had previous to this one was 4 to 5 months,i am spms with relapses.

Hi I’m having a relapse, it’s lasted 5 plus months so far. It can feel one relapse after another, but I am sure it is just the one. If you are concerned that you are having more than one speak to your M.S nurse. Have they not put you on steroids? I know they haven’t with me because of the type of relapse. Remember they do say that a rough estimate time of a relapse without steroids is 6 months.


I went from what really felt like one relapse back to back with another, and was just very unwell as you describe jaki, just never feeling well or getting over it, I had one session of steroids and Duloxetine.

I was sent for 2 MRIs one with contrast and this showed more lesions since my previous MRI a year before and also showed currently active lesions. My Neuro said that my MS was and had been active and that we must aim to slow things down a bit, so I’ve been signed off work the past 7 months and am on Copaxone and now finally things are beginning to settle down a bit, I’ve been new symptom free since last month and beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel!

Take care



thanks for your relpy,the ms nurse prescribed steroids, but i dont like them,so i will have to just wait it out i guess,feel so ill with it all, its never ending.

I know what you mean, it can feel like it’s never ending, keep in touch with your GP and MS nurse, mine told me last week that she felt that I must be doing a bit better just now, as her email inbox isn’t overflowing with my emails !!! they are there to help and guide you so use them jaki, my MS nurse told me to be optimistic but always remain realistic, it is MS we are dealing with after all!!

Have you discussed DMDs?



Hi I’ve also had a relapse which started in April. It got a lot worse during may and got steroids 5I day 500mg. I had mobility issues and fatigue. The steroids were like a miracle after just 1 dose I felt so much better. This lasted about 6 weeks then I started to go down hill again so from July I have been getting worse. I have got so bad I now have motor fatigue, can only walkvery short distances and have balance and gait issues. I walk like a drunk, fall and stumble all the time, uhtoffs, bladder hesitency weak arms and general fatigue as well. I am getting worse by the day and scared that I will never get better. I have Question, does anyone think more steroids will help?