How long can a long relapse last?

Hi, been a long while since I posted as had been quite well.i was diagnosed eventually after big relapse in 2015 off work for 10 wks. Only had some mild relapses affecting balance in 2017 while taking tectidera but had to stop in April as blood lymphocytes too low. Work has been v stressful and current relapse started beginning of Oct and still going strong. Been off work since, have massive pins and needles to my waist, bladder issues, fatigue and walking getting worse and worse, now have stick, stumbling and swaying (50m to end of at was too far yesterday). So my question is how long can a long relapse last and when did u start to see any improvement? Very scared now that this is it and not sure I can get upstairs that much longer. At this point grateful to know if anybody improved after this long. Should say did have 5 day steroids at end of Oct, did feel lot better butjust seemed to go back to where I was after and now a lot worse. As anyone ever given another course of steroids and did it help? Have seen ms nurse a couple times but no sign of neurologist or MRI Happy Xmas to everyone, froo

I don’t have any answers, sorry.

just sending best wishes & big hugs

Hi froo,

I have PPMS and after several years of becoming less mobile I had some sessions with a neurophysiotherapist. I was asked what I wanted to achieve and I told her that I would like to be able to get up stairs.

For several weeks I worked on a specific set of exercises and eventually I was able to get up a flight of stairs. The therapist told me that it is possible to reprogramme neural paths to regain lost mobility. No drugs, just willpower and hard work.

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Hello froo

In my experience, a relapse can last just as long as it damn well likes.

Steroids can help, but don’t always, they’re about as reliable as a guess at the length of a relapse! Sometimes they’re wonderful, other times utterly pointless. Certainly I wouldn’t take any more this long into a relapse. They always work best when taken right at the start (if they’re going to help at all).

I’ve generally found that relapses can last absolutely months and recovery is so slow, I barely notice it. Also, the nerves sometimes compensate for damage, so until the neural pathways have found another route, the symptoms continue.

MS is a total bugger for predictability. In every way.

So, I wouldn’t start panicking that this is it for recovery. If you are able, start doing some exercise to try and strengthen muscles. If you’re unable, then don’t push yourself. Take your time, rest and don’t worry too much.


Thanks for all your comments when I know I’m asking an impossible crystal ball question. Sue thanks for making me smile. Just wanting to know that people are getting back from long relapses at some point somehow. Will try keep the panic at bay. F x