Relapse timescale?

Hello, sorry me again. I know everyone of us are different but how long do your ‘relapses’ normally last? I’m really struggling with this one and it’s taking way to long to disappear for my liking, can’t sleep due to pain, how can numbness be so painful, everyone thinks I’m nuts when I say that. How can I be in pain and numb!? Well I am and it’s bloody sore and so cold!

Thanks, Sam

How long is a piece of string Sam, my relapses could last a few weeks to a few months, last 1 (a particular nasty) was at least 3 months, just before christmas last year. Everyone is different, but they all last as long as they last unfortunately. Hope yours passes soon. I’m presuming you are being treated for it? xx

Hi Tracey, thanks for your reply, thought that would be the answer unfortunately! Hope you’re well just now. I am waiting on mri scam my ms nurse said I could try steroids but then kind of talked me out of them so currently taking pain killers for the pain but that’s not helping the numbness and coldness feel like I’m carrying about an ice berg (down my left side) making walking a challenge!

Hope you’re keeping as well as you can be :0)

Hi Chopper

Yes, as Tracey said, a relapse lasts as long as it damn well pleases.

Often, a relapse can last so long you barely notice when it’s improving. Until one day you realise that your leg / arm / eyes / brain / etc is feeling better.

Re steroids, they also have a mind of their own. I’ve tended to take them if I catch a relapse nice and early. If you’ve had the symptoms of the relapse for weeks or months, chances are the steroids won’t work. But catch it in the first few days and they can be little miracle workers.

The aim of steroids is to speed up recovery time, by reducing the inflammatory action which your immune system is producing. They aren’t a ‘cure’, and they don’t always work. Having them too often is a bad thing too.

And they have some nasty side effects, from the vile taste in your mouth, to not sleeping, teeth grinding and agitation. Their after effects can be crap too, leaving you feeling like a donkey has stomped all over you.

But, when they work (and I just had a relapse and steroids that worked like angels were sorting out my immune reaction), they are brilliant.

Just don’t take them if you have an infection or a virus, even a cold, they stop your immune system from dealing with the infection, so it can go bananas.


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spot on again Sue.

Been there, done that. 1 time the steroids seemed to help and then another time just did nothing (apparently)


Thanks Sue, kind of answers my question about steroids, probably no point now as that’s me 2 weeks into relapse, plus the side affects, I don’t need them added to this. I’ve never had them so don’t know how they would affect me but this is the worst I’ve been. Hopefully I can hold off until MRI and see what neurologist says.

Thanks again for your reply and support.

Hope you’re keeping well at the moment x