aching when weather is damp

I have noticed my legs and back seem to ache much more when the weather is damp. Today is bad. I have RRMS. I mentioned this to my MS nurse some time ago and she said she only thought that hotter weather can irritate MS symptoms.

Has anyone else noticed this too? My dad and his sisters have arthritis so it’s in the family.

Hope you have been having a good weekend.


My pain in my legs and arms is trebled when its damp.

I much prefer warm weather, I feel so much better.

Hi Lenney,

ive known for years that damp or wet weather effects me, I get insufferable sciatica and hideous back pains. I joke with my other half that I know it’s gonna rain later whenever there’s dampness in the air.

so it’s really not in your mind, I think old wives knew this hundreds of years ago!

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Thanks for the replies. xx

hi lenney

my legs hurt when it’s cold.

this warmer sunnier weather is ace.

i even have a light tan.

carole x

Well it’s cold, rainy, windy, generally miserable here today. The sun has definitely not got his hat on. My hands particularly feel freezing cold and stiff as anything. I think warmer weather brings a (tiny) general improvement to me physically and a big improvement to my mood. But if it gets too hot, everything suffers, spasms, pains in legs, fatigue. Just call me Goldilocks! Not too hot, or too cold, not too sweet, nor too sour, not too soft a bed, nor too hard…


I dont want this to sound “wrong” but Im glad its not just me- my legs HATE the cold & damp. Much happier in warmer sunnier times. Did mention it to my neurologist who just dismissed it !!!

So am hating the wet cold weather we are having at min.

K x

Thanks for your replies, I am thinking of keeping a weather, pain and anxiety diary to keep note of my observations and symptoms.