aches and pains

hi folks

still in relapse (nearly 2 weeks now), and feel really crap with associated symptoms that are the usual state of affairs (fatigue, hot+cold left hand side, insomnia, feeling cold most of the time, painful left leg, poor balance etc. the list goes on) but now have a rotten cold, and for the last few days have had an on/off stomach ache as well as a headache.

as opposed to telling the GP (and sounding like a complete hypochondriac, although my GP has been brilliant), i was wondering if anyone has anyone had stomach ache/ headache as part of this ‘gift that keeps on giving’? i need to try and get back to work on tuesday if possible and suspect i am about as popular as a fart in a lift having to be off with this poxy relapse…

any advice greatly appreciated as i feel like i am genuinely falling apart.

fluffyollie xx

Hi Ollie,

Average relapse is five to six weeks (so I’m told), and I know I’m not the only one here to have had one lasting a year, so personally, I think you’re being rather unrealistic to expect to be back at work in a fortnight.

I’ve never had headache in connection with MS at all, and although I’d say I do get stomach ache more often than usual these days, I often think it’s as much to do with all the drugs I’m on, as with the MS itself, as everything seems to mess with digestion - although the MS can too.

Have you tried ordinary over-the-counter stuff for the headache or stomach ache, as they may not be directly related to the relapse (or even if they are)? E.g. paracetamol for the head and Settlers for the tum?

Sometimes I find stuff I’ve already got in the medicine cabinet helps, without needing a prescription.


Hi fluffy ollie - I think you are a teacher (from remembering old posts) and if you are in relapse then you can’t go back to work until you feel well again x x I am a teacher as well x

please don’t rush things, you will be making youself more ill rushing back to work and although I know cover supervisors can’t do the job you can do - its tough - but you are ill. Full stop.

You have to think long term, things will wait, life goes on etc. I know being a teacher is the worst job for having time off and I am the last person who listens to my own advice but I know if I relapse again I will take time to recover properly and rest - I learnt the hard way after about 6 months of relapses - one after the other last year -leaving me with residual disability and feeling like I had to ‘start gain’ albeit as a very different person.

There is literally nothing you can do but rest and recover x x

best wishes x x

You’ve been given good advice, if you go back too soon you’ll only make things worse and end up being off longer.

If you have the cold all my family seem to passing round this winter two weeks won’t even be long enough to recover from that let alone your MS relapse.

Stay at home and look after yourself hope you start to feel better soon.

Jan x

The gift that keep on etc does not protect us from the garden variety bugs that do the rounds - as ever, the common and dull complaint is usually the most likely culprit. Do you think you might have a bug on top of the MS stuff, just to make life interesting? If so, the GP’s likely response is likely to be ‘it’s a virus’ (or, in English, ‘go away’) and there won’t be much to be done about it.

I am sorry that you are feeling so unwell. There’s nothing but time will sort most of these things out, and that is in such short supply for a working person, I know. But not all the will-power in the world will speed things up, alas.