Aches and pains

Hi, I am new to the site and i am very impressed with it, well done to all, Please can i ask, “how do people manage Aches and Pains” i suffer so much with my legs and sleeping at the end of the day. They feel as though they are cold and painfull, when they feel as though they are warming back up again but when my wife feels them she says they are warm and feel like the rest of my body. I am starting to stuggle with walking now and have told my MS Nurse about it and i am getting a scan done in the new year. Please can anybody help?

hi ritchie

i’ve never felt the cold before but this year it is really getting to me. it makes my legs hurt.

just walking past the freezer aisle in tesco sets it off.

so now i wear long johns under my jeans. not a sexy look but who cares?

my walking has gone back to rubbish. i have worked hard in the gym to build strength but now they just want to do their own thing.

ah well, what the hell!

hope you start to feel better

carole x

Hi Ritchie,

I have stiff cold legs and arms and reynauld’s syndrome. All to do with my MS.

I am on Tizanidine for stiffness and take amatriptyline at night to stop the pins and needles and help me sleep. I’m on the lowest dose but can take more if i’ve had a busy day - been on my feet more.

I have one hot leg and one cold leg - strangely the hot one is normal colour and the cold one is red ! This develish MS

is always out to suprise us.

Speak to your MS nurse, mine is great and suggests dosages which I then relay to the Dr. Same meds but increase/decreasing dosages.

Keep well,


Hi Carole, Thanks for your insite on this, i use a pushbike to get around ie to work or to pop to town, and this helps build up the srength in my legs but struggle with the walking about, have changed my job at work and this has helped, (too old to be climbing around a submarine!). Hi Jen, Thanks for your post, i used to take amatriptyline at night but found it left me bombed out in the morning as im up and about at 5am, but slept like a dream on them. The tablets i take at night now help Nortiriptyline, (think this is how its spelt) they are good because they work the same as amatriptyline but do not leave you bombed out in the morning. You are so right this MS is here to suprise us from time to time. Thankyou both and take care.