Accessing the PIP ppl help needed plz

Hi All,

I have been trying to ring the PIP ppl all morning and have had no one actually answer me yet :frowning:

The number I am ringing is: 0808 1788 114

However, i just keep being put on hold by the electronically voiced ppl on line and can’t seem to be able to even talk to anybody even :frowning:

As you are probably having the same problems regarding good old DWP im sure you can all understand what stress they are causing us MS folk innit :frowning:

Comes to somethin that they wont even pick up the poxy phones now.

So does anybody have another number for them plz? I do realise that I mite have gotten the number wrong somewhere but it does tell you tht its for PIP so im lost n very stressed now grrrr :frowning:

thnx again guys

God Bless

Anna xx

Hi Anna Is it regarding a Pip claim? If so the number on the direct gov webpage is 0800 917 2222 Sue x

Hi That number is the pip helpline for capita. They do the pip assessments on behalf of the dwp. It is not a dwp number to speak to dwp staff. Regards Neil

Hello, I have just dug out my DWP PIP letter and the number they give is 0845 850 3322. Hope this helps. Sam x

oh thnx all, I will definately be trying out these numbers you gave me tomorrow. ty again for your help and from what you said it does sounds as if i got the wrong one lol!!

so ty again for all the help guys

God Bless

Anna x x

Hi Anna I called them this morning and go through within 2 minutes the number was 0845 850 3322. I hope you got through. Polly :slight_smile: