12 YRS ago this November I was dia ms, I lost my dream job , my life long hobby. Struggled to bring my family up & support him in his new job. Where we lived then we had a lot of very friendly people around us who I meet most days. But four yrs ago we moved house yeah its a better house more suited for my disabilities. But we now live on the end of a council row our next door neighbours are eldery brothers.

I dont ride any more my small portable scooter can’t manage the rough footpath to get back to see my old friends, so I feel tripped in the house .Some days my head feels so hard I just want to hide in bed but our family dogs need feeeding & letting out.

But how do I get over this feeling I have been robbed of my life !!! PLEASE can someone help my GP put me on pills but they don’t seem to have helped .

Any advice will be more then helpful.


Aw Jaspher

That sounds like a pretty crappy place to be in emotionally.

I’m sorry I can’t think of ways of escape other than this one. I.e. this Forum. It’s a way of exercising some creativity, of making and meeting friends. Yes, it’s in the virtual world rather than in the real or physical world. It has the benefit of being able to share experience with people new to MS, so actually has a beneficial benefit rather than just a selfish way of sharing ones own problems. And yet, there is still a means of asking for, and usually, getting some useful ways to think outside ones own head when facing problems, or bad times.

Apart from here, there are other online places of meeting people and sharing experience and knowledge, maybe there’s other arenas where you could explore what is or interest to you.


You say you can no longer manage to get back to see your old friends. If they were true friends, would they not come to see you and take you out for a meal/drink/chat? Invite them over for tea and cakes one afternoon! A take away meal, a glass of something! Put out an informal phone call invite a couple of weeks in advance. Give people alittle notice.

Not sure what the relevance to the council row is. In the four years you’ve lived there, have you not made any friends? Got to know anyone at all? Chatted to someone from your garden? Invited anyone in for a cuppa? Maybe look at a ms society club in the area. I’m sure your ms nurse could put you in contact with them, or your gp surgery must have some info of where there might be one.

I think we’ve all had to give up some things we loved. We probably all feel we’ve been robbed of our life, at some point. The thing is, there’s nothing to do but get up and make the best of it. It would be very easy to sit and wallow in it. I know! I live in a rural area, I no longer drive, work etc. Some days it really is a huge effort. But I make that effort. Give it a good try. You might be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

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Snap Jaspher, anniversary 29th of August 2005. Tonight my lovely family (mad house as usual) had tea. Hubs on bbq, son in law on steak (he really does cook a bloody good steak) not telling him though! My house, ex council house, bought from my parents, many, many years ago. I feel robbed, but when I see the devotion my lot give, how can I? Life hand’s out a whole lot of s**t, I’m not being an arse & I really, really hope you are surrounded by people who care, we’ve just got to look sometimes. Please don’t think I’m being nonchalant, I’m not, or if I seem condescending, but sometimes we need to look at what we have, not what we haven’t. You haven’t been robbed, it’s just different. I get very angry sometimes, I was brill at what I did (for all the right reasons) but I’m loved, means more than anything, just remember, you may be broken, but you are still you, albeit a little altered. Get on your scooter, we are made of harder stuff, things you do!! Life’s too short for what if’s, what’s now more like, let your mates come to you. No pill will put this right, come on, I know your made of better stuff, onwards, hard as it is, hope you don’t think I’m being too blunt, not meant that way Tracey x

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Hiya, don’t let the world get you down, aye right, good advice but easier said than done, are the two auld farts friendly or do the keep to themselves, how about other neighbours, are they friendly. The loss of a loved job is hard but a pastime of sorts could provide time passing, by rough footpath, do you mean yours, or the pavement, would a bigger scooter cope, left outside house covered up incase of rain, the pills, may, help short time, but the only person required to help you is yourself, think of the positives, no matter how small or insignificant, life is worth it, it takes trying, to succeed, life could be much worse for you, you could support rangers, Brian

Oh believe me, I’ve been there, still go there. There’s more to life than staring down the barrel of a gun. People die of horrible things, we won’t die of this, but we can either crumble or be crumbled. Grab what you can, when you can, life is not a bed of roses, for anyone, harder for people like us, granted, but not over, certainly not over, otherwise what’s it all for?! Easier said than done?! Cause it is, what’s the alternative?! Really?! from my point of view, I think not. Hard as it is, we’ve got a life, hard 1, but a life, would rather die trying than not at all, sorry if a little abstruse, but I hope you get my point. Tracey

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Sorry you are feeling so down.You say your scooter wont make it to see your friends.have you tried to get a bigger more robust scooter more suitable for going further afield, that way you could still get out and about more.If you cant afford one you could apply for an MS grant.there are some bargains to be had on ebay too.

Hi Jaspher66

I’m not sure what you are asking, and your post only raises questions in my mind.

You mention pills which I presume are antidepressants. Have you talked to your GP about the dose or changing the type?

You are missing your old friends. How far away are they?

You say your scooter can’t cope with the terrain. Do you have DLA or PIP? This would pay for a Motability road scooter or car.

With a bit more help from you, Forum members can offer more focussed suggestions.



You could try this apparently free service funded by NHS in some areas:

It provides mental health therapy online. ‘Discreet one-to-one therapy is delivered in real time using written (typed) conversation, with patients meeting an accredited therapist in a secure virtual therapy room, at a time and location that is both convenient and comfortable for them’.

I cant claim to have any experience with it, but it is being heavily advertised on a local Surrey and Hampshire radio station (Eagle).

Hi, Yes good idea mrbobowen.

Silvercloud is also another free online therapy service funded by the NHS in some areas. Along the lines of ieso.

The following page on the NHS website has a post code search facility to see if online NHS therapy is available in your area. Online self-referral.