Acai berry

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great Christmas. I have put a lot of weight on (even after being on a strict Slimfast diet for nearly 3 months). I said sod it, and am having a normal Christmas, eating and drinking what I want! In the New Year I am going to try again but not using the Slimfast. I have been thinking about trying this Acai berry and watching what I eat closely. I was also thinking about a weeks detox (maybe extra movicol and flushing my system by drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice) after the Christmas indulgence! What I am really wondering is what I have read about Acai stimulating the immune system. I know that we should avoid ecinacia as that also stimulates the immune system. I am debating wether Acai berry is as strong,or doesn’t do the same. I dont know whther any testing gas been done or is this just hype! I would really like to know if anyone knows anything about this.

Lynne x


l read on this forum about Barry Groves - who has written several books on nutrition and diet. Not specifically for slimming - just for general wellbeing. But if you follow his food regime you do lose lots of weight. l looked him up on google - then bought 3 of his books from amazon. Some of the chapters are about MS - and diabetes. His books are Natural Health &Weight Loss - and Eat Fat -Get Thin. His dietary advice is the complete opposite of all the others we have been advised to follow. And as l have never found the other diets work l thought l might just as well go down a different route. Barry Groves is one of Britain’s leading exponents of the lowcarb/high fat way of life, having lived,researched, lectured and written about the subject for 44yrs. He won the Sophie Coe Prize at the Oxford Symposium on Food History in 2002.

When cases of MS and Diabetes are rapidly on the up and up - l think its time we all went back to how we use to eat - before all the so called 'Healthy Diets. and convenience /processed foods.

So its back to eggs and bacon for breakfast - plenty of meat with fat on - chicken complete with crispy skin. Just cut out the bread/cereal/grains/sugar.

Lots of green veg and salad and fish.

The type of diet recommended now is discordant with the type of diet humans evolved with over eons of evolutionary experience. [quote]

So Lynne - tuck into your Roast Turkey and spuds cooked in goose fat - eat plenty of sprouts. Pudding with lots of cream - with no conscience



Eating like our ensestors is a very good idea in theory. The only problem with it is that it is virtually impossible to achieve unless you farm (or hunt) your own animals. Farming underwent enormous changes over the past 100 yeas. The diet of the cows/pigs/chickens etc we eat went from being good to being poor, and symoltanously cases of ms/cancer etc went from being rare to being common. I think it’s wise to adept to the new ways of the world in the case of diet as we cannot live in any other time than our own, with all it’s abundance (I can buy sushi or all a need to make my own health sushi, in a store that is 5 minute drive away) and poverty (I cannot drink milk because the cow that produces it is on a very poor diet because she has to produce an enormous amout of milk).

l agree with all the comments that Shebrew has put. We are fortunate in the fact that we do have our own duck/chicken eggs. And living in a rural village we do get to eat a fair bit of rabbit/pigeon/pheasant/hare/ venison/and munkjac. Are neighbours supply us with lamb - which has had a really good life. And my oh does go fishing.

We also grow all our own veg and herbs. l do prefer goat or sheeps milk and cheese as l am intolerant to cows milk but not these - which is strange -daughter only has goats milk as well. l have a neighbour who is 92 - she lives on her own and still manages to garden. Also she can read without glasses!! She is tiny - but eats lots of butter - cooks in dripping/lard - but physically and mentally is brilliant. Another neighbour same age lived until he was 93 - and he ate eggs n bacon everyday of his life.

Good news for chickens is that in the new year - all battery farms will be outlawed. This is a giant step forward. And we should all support farmers who are prepared to feed and look after their animals in a better way. lt means quality before quantity - and we should be prepared to pay more for our meat products. Eat less meat - but buy from a better source.