Absolutely Baffled

Well try and make long story short. I had an eye test end of July and got told that my prism in rt eye had gone from 1IN to 3 OUT got new glasses and when I went for review of them saw my usual optician and asked why this would happen. He looked at notes and said that I must mention this to neuro when was appt etc. Saw neuro and told him this however only had current glasses prescription so no proof of this as such so have asked optician to write down what they were to take to review well it came through saying they have always been OUT (although oddly reckons my first ever was 10 OUT). Went in to query this as I was told different information and the girl pulled my notes where last one that said IN has OUT written over it said one before had been In but never issued and all other ones always OUT. She checked with optician who said yes always been OUT because my eye turns in and that must have confused me! Now I am confused because I know OUT is for a turn in and I specifically asked why my eye would change direction then and have I totally got 2 conversations wrong. Why would they say tell neuro about this then when its not odd? Baffled and feeling crazy now Axx

I don’t blame you! Hope you get a clear answer. Maybe just the fact that one eye turns in is enough to mention to your neuro. Has it always been a ‘lazy eye’ (my mum had that from childhood) or is it more recent?

Nah its always turned in Reiki I thought that was the odd thing that it was supposed to have turned direction. Maybe it’s cos it’s in both eyes now whereas previously only ever been my rt eye Axx

Oh crikey, why is nothing ever easy!!

S xx

Don’t know Sharon feel like I have gone crazy I had a long chat with optician at the time about what was going on and he said that definitely no structural cause of the problems but it was neuro so tell neuro now apparently I am confused! ! All I can think is its the fact that both eyes are affected that is the problem or I have hallucinated 2 appointments Axx

Lol, I don’t think you’re that bad that you’re hallucinating!! Hope you get it sorted though. Maybe the neuro will be able to shed light on it :slight_smile:

S xx