A year ago today

A year ago told I got told by y neuro that and I can remember exactly what he said, he said ‘I’m sorry to tell you that you have MS’.

Right then I knew my life was about to change and it has and someday I think for the worse.

I now know I have RRMS and I have to walk everywhere with a stick and i can’t go out on my own cause I’m scared in case I fall and I can’t do crowds of people anymore.

But trying not to dwell on it too much so I’m going shopping today to try and find my dog a big juicy bone for her birthday which is today lol.

Good for you, I hope all goes well for you out there, just take you’re time, don’t worry about what others are doing, and just try and have a nice time, I’ll think about you, as I myself am going shopping, and like you I have a stick and don’t like crowds, but now I think watch out because I’m coming through, LOL, take care and have a good day, Jean x

hi there sounds like you were diagnosed about the same time as me xx

i too remember the words of the neuro well samantha it seems to me that you as we suspected multiple sclerosis

with that i was told to go home and consider which dmd to take and to choose quickly the sooner the better,

i would say that i have been quite lucky well my relapses havnt been too severe but i too suffer with my walking,

i get the shakes lots not really visual but really annoying, am trying to carry on as best i can,

the biggest problem for me is getting the ms nurses to beleive that i have actually had a relaps, not just a sensory thingy,

at the moment am well and hope you are too will have to keep in touch xx

take care xx sami