a year ago today

I can’t believe it was this day last year when I DX. It feels like it was only yesterday & I remember the day like it was yesterday. So much has happened, but I don’t really feel any further forward. Its been a rubbish year.

A friend said to me that it took her two years to accept/deal her DX (not ms) So does that mean I’m halfway there.

Its strange wrighting this post its bringing all those feelings back from this time last year :frowning: Even the weather is sunny & I remember how hot it was on the day I was DX.

Think this could be a long day.

Hi Minnie, Yes never forget day of diagnosis- 28th sept 2010 for me. As you will have probably experiences a bit of a roller coaster since then. I cried so much for a few months afterwards. Learnt a lot since then - how best to manage symptoms. My biggest struggle is my bowels. Self catheterising a breeze compared to that. My new challenge is fatigue. Injecting 3 times a week unpleasant. So important to have a good neuro, GP and MS nurse and establish good relationship. Realised all meds down to NICE which is usually governed by money. On a positive I have really appreciated all the support and excellent advice I have received from this site. Sorry Minnie just rambling when you didn’t even have a question to answer!!! Keep strong Hugs Min xx