A symbol of your predicament? A 'Penny' for your thoughts?


When I was a kid I used to love the original TV series of The Prisoner - repeated I'm not a 60's baby!  Those credits of a Penny Farthing being built at the end. Great!

Well, being house bound, unless I have help from someone, I can associate myself being The Prisoner.  Now I have just bought a small pot holder for the garden that is shaped as a ..................Penny Farthing! Brilliant so apt!

Does anyone else have 'symbol'?




Marty aka The Prisoner






Hi Marty,

No I don't think I have a symbol...can't think of one now anyway. I actually remember the original series of 'The Prisoner'...yes I was born in the 60's.....makes me feel very old! Ha Ha....



Hi, my current symbol is a great big fat ?, `cos I still don`t have a dx after 14 years!

luv Pollx

I've become the Pets person of choice, as I am always home and have mellowed into feeding them titbits all the time.

I joke about it, but the family all go out to their respective places all day but me and the furries remain all day, Im

Our cat is a bit odd anyway - he faked death on the patio so we would take him in, he's not great at affection but i've taught the rabbit tricks.

Hmmmm what happened to the serious professional????? :-)

Someone should write a book about being housebound...maybe they have already !

Wendy - A 60s girl,eh? The 70's were fun with all the blackouts!

Poll -      Ahhh, the Yorkshire lass.  Still waiting to find out what you have after all these years?  You could be a pioneer with a        different catagory of MS maybe?

Gillian -  I love cats.  My mum said when she was pregnant with me, that the house cat at the time use to rest on her belly.  Spook was my fav cat (sadly passed on) who I trained to run after plastic spiders and bring them back to me.  I think I'm a cat whisperer.  LOL! 

I don't have a symbol but have set my email text on Comic Sans MS, it's a litle joke that was originally between me and my buddy in Australia, as I use it all the time it's a joke that only I understand most of the time, it just makes life a bit lighter. happy2



I used to love the Avengers, liked the strangeness of it all.  So I regard life living with ms rather like living in a series of the Avengers, only no curvy figure or handsome man to rescue me from my fate!


erm cant remember what era that was.  Am I old if I remember the flowerpot men?


take care,




Bill to Ben- flubby-Libby-do

Ben to bill-shut up you piss** again

Hiya Bren

Ahhh, The Avengers. John Steed and Co, Emma Peel mmmmm, I remember. What about The New Avengers? More my time. Purdy and Gambit.


i remember the prisoner. i was born in 1958 so i'm an old biddy (not!)

there's a festival on in september. it's at port meirion where the prisoner was filmed. i really fancy going to it.

some good bands on and some comedians too.

marty - you are not a number, you're a free man!happy

carole x