a relapse, but not of the MS variety!

Afternoon guys! Shame the spring like weather has turned wintry again, but not to fret..........spring will has to!

Right, remember my hubby gave up the cigs, in November, after 50 years of heavy smoking?

well he did something wonderful last weekend, with the money he was saving.

It will be our 40th wedding anniversary on 25th........................crikey!

So he asked me if i would like a ruby ring to mark the occassion. i said i don`t like rubies, but prefer diamonds! Cheek of it! Then he asked what else would I like. Well, I couldn`t think of owt. i already have 2 diamond rings and don`t really want another!

Then we heard from our youngest daughter that her car had died. She planned to get a bike, with a seat for her 3 yr old. Then they and her 9 yr old would cycle to nursery, school and then she to work 5 miles away! Hubby and I were so concerned they might have an accident. No, we weren`t happy!

Then he started looking on e bay for a car for her. No luck. So i then continued the search and found a little  micra, with low mileage, automatic (what she and I passed our tersts with) and just 7 miles from our house. Hubby went to look at it   .............                           and bought it for her!

he delivered it that night and daughter is delighted with it.

I named it for her. As the car is red, her name is now `Ruby` What else could she be called!!!!!

Now a few days ago, hubby suddenly had nicotine demons invading his brain. Oh no.what did he do? He bought a pack of 10....and has smoked 8 sinceThursday. Today he went for the grocery shop and walked straight past the fag kisok and told himself he neither wants nor needs them. hope he can re-find the strength to do without.

What a treasure he is to us all.

luv POllx

Hi Poll

What a wonderful ruby wedding anniversary present for you both to give your daughter. I bet it gave you both far more pleasure than having anything for yourselves. Our children mean the world don’t they?

I’m sorry that your hubby had a slip with stopping smoking as he was doing so fantastically well. However, everyone’s human, we can’t expect everyone to follow a ‘perfect’ route to stopping smoking. He obviously really wants to get shot of them, I’m sure he will!

Love Teresa xx

Hi Pollx.

Shame about your o/h been tested,and found a little weekness.My dad was a heavy smoker [50 a day at least] for 60 years.

Then about 12 years ago he decided to stop,had one fag 10 years ago and was sick,and that was that no more.

We did not think he could do it ,but he suprised us all.

Nice that you where able to help your daughter out.

Tell hubby to keep trying,we dont always get it right first time.

Take Care.



Hi Poll,

           What a lovely story. The car is a fantastic thing to buy, and it will be far safer for the family than the other forms of transport. But maybe if there are a few pounds left, Mr.Polly could buy you a ruby red rose shrub to put in the garden? You can watch it grow as your relationship does.

                 Good luck to hubby for quit number 2,

                                Best of luck,


Many thanks Moira, Teresa and Chris. Your support means a lot.

He`s trying again.

luv Pollx

What a lovely story, you have a real 'gem' of a hubby there Poll. He'll stop smoking when he feels it the right time and I recon it won't be long either.

That was a very selfless thing to do for your daughter, I bet she realises she's got a mum in a million. The name of the car is very apt.

Janet x

Hi Poll

What a lovely thing to do!  I,m sure your daughter appreciates this greatly.

It was my 40th Birthday last year and my husband was unsure what to get me.  He thought i would be lonely now the kids are both at school so he thought of something to keep me company -

he bought me a tortoise! he said i wouldn,t have much trouble looking after it as it went at my pace!

What a cheek!! Lol!!!

Teresa x

Hi Poll, he really is a treasure isn,t he? I,m sure your daughter appreciates it such a lot and you both will have peace of mind and you can,t put a price on that can you?happy2 As for giving up smoking your hubby has done really well as it,s not easy, i,m an ex smoker and know how tough it can be, been stopped a year next month so feel pretty smug about it but never complacent it,s so easy to be drawn back in, i hope he gets over this minor glitch, i,m sure he will.


What a lovely story Poll.

I hope you and hubby have/had a great day and an even better ruby anniversary year.

As for the ciggy blip, now that he has walked past the ciggy shop it

sounds as though the blip has been an and take care.  xx  Maria.d gone

well done.

Best wishes to you both


Thanks so much everyone! treek, what have you called your new baby? Shelly or Michelle by any chance, or is she a he?

luv POllx

Hi Poll.

I have called my new baby 'pebbles'. She is a girl!! 

I have even started talking to her - better than talking to myself i suppose! lol!!

Teresa x

Has Pebbles answered you yet? Nowt wrong wi talking to our pets. Shell get to know your voice. Watch her little face to see if she smiles at you. I am positive our Lucy smiles at me quite often.

luv POllx

The new car will give you and your hubby piece of mind Poll- and those little Micras are such good cars - should last her a long time. Did you buy her on Tuesday - you could call her Ruby Tuesday. [l am a Stones fanatic]

l have been going round to my daughters house every lunch-time - to let her dog out for a wee. The poor chap has to be kept 'contained' not allowed to run about as he has damaged his cruciate ligament. We are hoping it will heal without having surgery. The vet says 5weeks!!!!   He was attacked by 5 little terriers - this is when l had him on my scooter - l tried hard to keep him from grabbing any of them - as he could easily have killed them - he is a English Bull Terrier - only to find out when l eventually got away from these little bu**ers that he was the one that was injured. The poor chap cannot sit properly.  Anyway fingers crossed he will be ok. So instead of him coming to me everyday - l have to go to him. He is not to jump into the car or on the furniture. My daughter does carry him upstairs - at night - to sleep in her bed!!

While l am round at my daughters l find myself doing 'mum' things. Washing up - cleaning windows - pooperscooping the garden. To-day, l pruned the roses and dead headed all the plants. Filled the green wheely bin. l am now ready for a cup of tea.


Steady on there Frances or your daughter will want you to go round after the doggy is better!

That`s a sad story about how he got injured…poor fella!

No, Ruby was bought on Monday…but I like your idea.

luv Poolx

Hi Mel, ta for your reply. Think hubby will manage to keep the fags to a minmum, if any. I don`t ask. he has an aqppointment with the stop smoking nurse tomorrow. Have you tried Champix tablets?

luv Pollx