A novel idea for blue badge abusers

I saw this article about a fun response to people who park in disabled bays without a blue badge and had to smile -


l would like to see this in operation in UK. Looks as if it would only work in a multi-storey type car-park. Not outside in a super-market car-park.

Great idea Dan! I expect it would be very expensive…

Rosina x

Yeah, I can’t imagine many city councils having the spare cash lying around to do something like this : )


That’s brilliant! What a novel idea Dan!

I agree there would be issue over funding but it’s fantastic none the less :slight_smile:

We could have a competition to decide who the hologram picture should be of. l vote for Boudica!!

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Absolutely brilliant idea but I am a bit “hmmmmmmmm” about the fact that a campaign to promote diversity only features MEN in wheelchairs. Are only men disabled in Mother Russia?

Would like to see Boudica as our “Poster Girl” for a similar thing in the UK. Only trouble would be that with all of the deadly weapons on the wheels on her chariot, her deadly put downs and special hard stare the holograms would have to be rated 18