Blue badge.....seeing the light!

Haven’t cried today! yah! Booked parking for Olympics, things looking up. Thanks for the link Mike! Chis!

Hello Chris,

The blue badge I have is anchored to my glove compartment…Literaly speaking. Don’t drive off with it on the dashboard when the window’s open. I lost my first one that way, the car was roastin’ and I was about a mile down the road when it dawned on me what probably had happened. Ah well, I guess its OK to have a throw away now and again!


Well done Chis (for not crying)

Told you that having a blue badge would help you. Think you get excemption from the London congestion charge if you’re

going down to London. Again - read the booklet.

I bought a nice holder for my badge and disk, just so they don’t get separated.

Sun came out today - hope it stays for a while.

Jen x

I’m going to Cardiff to watch some olympic football - that’s a free trip over the bridge into Wales and some handy parking!

I just hope I have some energy left to tell you all how much I enjoy it!

It’s so much nicer to go out and know you won’t have to walk over half a mile to even get to your car to get home. I never want to be at our local out-of-town shopping centre for less than an hour and needing to go home. The thought of having to walk to the exit doors and then a few hundered yards to the car was too much. I needed to sit down and have a rest. All the seats had a couple of people on them. I had to stagger back to my car. That was when I finally applied for my badge. And it’s a relief to be able to park close to the doors. I’ve even found the disabled parking spaces in the underground area near John Lewis so I don’t have to take the risk of having to rush out of the heavy rain!

It just makes life easier knowing it’s there.