Blue Badge

Hi everyone,

I got my blue Badge a few weeks ago . Went out to the shops I can only walk about 20 meters with a walking frame, parked just parked in this side street on yellow lines so knew I was safe.

Came back to the Car the window was smashed and Blue Badge stolen reported it to the police who gave me a crime number now have to ask local council for another one .

Been told by someone to buy a blue Badge protector which a steel backed see through plastic front with a cable to put around the steering wheel and lock it. I live in Harlsden NW London. What a load of low lives we live among.


Kielynuk, that’s dreadful, as you say there are some truly awful people out there as well as the wonderful kind hearted ones. Never heard about the protector but it sounds perfect. Hopefully it’s affordable.

Tippy x

Ahh it’s a cruel disease we live with and a cruel world we live in.

I had to apply (and pay) for a replacement blue badge after my own fell from my car at Manchester Airport car park when I got in & hadn’t noticed. It only had 7 or 8 months left but the traffic wardens said it would be sold & used in London, for at least £1000. That was quite a few years ago. The only good thing was the replacement was for the full 3 years. I

I feel for you that your car window was smashed, inconsiderate crime is becoming untenable.




yup - could not put it better…


… maybe scum sucking pondlife ? (a bit insulting to pondlife)


I’d heard London was bad for BB theft.

Shame the thief can’t take the disability when they take the badge!!

This is where Karma kicks in. laughyes

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