A night of sleepless hell lined up

Had a bad day today with hips and legs. Legs cramps and pains quite bad this evening so went for an early night and discovered something like out of. Horror movie. It appears a whole colony of flying ants has moved into my bedroom, all over the ceiling, the walls, the floor and window. Iv filled the room with raid spray and now they are dropping and wriggling around half dead everywhere. My husband is away on nights at work. Iv had to set up on the sofa, but my legs are killing I feel so itchy at the thought of them crawling everywhere. I just don’t know what to do!!! Why does it happen when your on your own?!

urgh! i’m itching in sympathy!

at least you’ve given them a good blast of raid

it happens when you’re on your own so that you sort it out for yourself and find out that you’re strong.

i always feel proud of myself after

carole x

I just feel sorry for myself lol

yea but once the flying ants have gone you can feel strong!

(sorry but its just my way of coping)