A new decade

Hello from a stormy Crowborough. (Stormy everywhere)

My brother has just posted from a sunny Torremolinos. Humph!

Do we consider a new decade as a new dawn? What can we look forward to?

There’s an ideal wish-list and a reality wish-list I suppose.

Here are some thoughts:



Allo. well my ears/eyes pricked up when I spotted the word cruise. That word always has me drooling. Been on some mini ones.but on BIG cruise ships. All were gorgeous…had fab-u-lous times. Cant go anymore cos nasty SS has nicked my respite fund…boo hoo! BUT Mr Snore…you cant go cruising in the far east…corno virus might get you! Boudsx

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Hi Steve

Enjoyed the blog as usual, thanks.

Unlike Poll, seeing the word ‘cruise’ fills me with dread, I hate ships or boats of any size or dimension, which makes my next statement sound really silly…I love the sea! By that I mean love sitting watching the sea, listening to the waves, people enjoying themselves, as long as I don’t have to go in it.

Years ago I used to use the ferry to go to France or wherever, but it was my worst nightmare and only a means of getting from A to B, but not a pleasure.

I only tell you my experience as I know it will not stop you going, and wish you a fantastic time on your upcoming cruise, enjoy yourself my friend.

Pam x

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Thanks Pam.

All I need to say is that I acquired my sea legs on the Mersey ferry. It’s my first cruise with a lovely old friend.

Watch this space.


I hope that you have a nice time on your cruise . It was good reading all of your decades . I hope this one is a fun filled decade . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Another enjoyable read Steve. I’m so envious, your cruise sounds fantastic. I’d love a holiday, I can dream. You’ll have to give us a full account in a blog. Enjoy it.