A marathon a day...

Unless I’ve misunderstood it, this 40-year-old lady with MS has run 115 marathons since July and intends to run a total of 366 marathons within a year.


Wow! Speechless!

Except to say that she appears to welcome fellow runners so, if you know any marathon runners who’ve a few hours to spare, get them to nip over to Denmark for a few laps with her.

Lolli xx

I don’t normally go in for the shorter distance myself, but one marathon a day for a whole year is truly remarkable, regardless of MS.

My training routine starts tomorrow and will include walking from my front door to the car.

i might be able to sneek a Snickers… Between wonder woman and Debbie Purdie small wonder the public appears confused about MS.


Just proves my point that you’re still well fit.

Heck, never mind the public, I’m confused about MS. Are any two of us the same? Nope.

Lolli xx

Yeh got to agree with WB how confusing for Joe Public. What a fantastic feat even for a healthy person; puts Eddie Izzard (my hero) to shame; he can only manage 35 marathons in 35 days; puh!.

Makes MS even more confusing as I believe Romney’s wife said she has MS. If she has she’s looking good on it.


Eddie Izzard probably had other things to do with his life. Can you imagine giving up that much time to running? This lady has a family as well, which makes it all the more amazing! Her husband must be some kind of saint.

Meantime, Romney’s wife does indeed apparently have MS and is most certainly looking good on it. Here’s hoping she feels as good as she looks. She’s quite possibly as much as a politician as her husband and is hiding a multitude of problems behind a cheery facade, as so many chronically ill people do in all walks of life.

So, when are you doing a wheelchair marathon - or are you going to join Woblyboy in sneaking a Snickers?

Lolli xx

Just had a shower -before reading this post.

As I sat on the bed afterwards feeling quite exhausted I said to the dog “I feel as though I’ve run a marathon” Does that count?


Absolutely! Every time you achieve a marathon feat like that, you deserve and (that’s meant to be a gold medal & flowers, not an unhealthy cake).
And of course the dog gets something too, for providing you with essential moral support

Lolli xx

Well, have to say I have done 8 Marathons, (London 1993,London 1996, Potteries 1998, Five in the Year 2000 for charity) the five in one year was tough but would I do them again with being diagnosed? I do not think so! Bad enough with having done my 10 sporting challenges, the longest distance was 10K road race (and that hurt) earlier this year!

Seriously impressed with your achievements. Just to be slightly dismal for a moment, I go to the gym with a former Commonwealth Games hammer thrower who gave up throwing due to “old age” in his 20s - in other words, it comes to us all sooner or late, MS or not!

What a wonderful set of achievements you’ve got there though, including that 10K road race

Lolli xx