anyone ever done a marathon?

its crossed my mind a few times over the past few months. I have a treadmill in my shed in the garden and i like to do some running at least twice a week. 4 miles is usually not a problem. although running doesnt fatigue me very quickly it does still increase the feeling of dizziness

All thoughts appreciated

If you do decide to train and compete,may I humbly suggest that you don’t announce it from Upon High.The perceptions of MS by the Media,Public,NHS,DWP et al are already confused not to mention Newbies and those in Limboland.

Good luck if you decide to do it


Hi Raymond, Not a full… But did a half about a year and a half ago. Had an attack a couple months prior so had to be a bit more careful than I was back in the good old days! It was a big race with a few waves of starts, so I spoke to the race organisers ahead of time and they let me start with the with the Wave that is normally reserved for walkers and seniors… I took a walk break about every 10 minutes and would do a mental body check (ie was I more dizzy, more tingly, more drop footed etc than I should be… If so I would walk until things got a bit more ‘normal’). Have had a nasty attack since then. So running another half any time soon seems unlikely, but hope to tackle a 5k in the new year… But I plan to have a friend run beside me, just in case. I reckon go for it if you feel up to it, but maybe ease your way in and find a running buddy… Safer and actually a lot more fun!


Can I suggest you think about doing a half marathon first as an experiment? The crowds, the fun of running with lots of people, are all the same. If you enjoy that, then decide whether to sign up for the full 26 miles.


Reading this post - it makes me wonder if we all have the same disease.

from someone whose everyday life for the last 30yrs has been a daily marathon - struggling to put one foot in front of the other.

As Wb warns - Don’t let the DWP/Media know you are thinking of doing this - especially under the name of MS. lt will make us all look like frauds.

But good luck to you anyway.


Only in my dreams, but good luck if you do decide to go For it. Margaret,

ive not had it long… im 23 ,diagnosed in june. Seems like i better start taking care of myself and that this might be the only time im able to do one, better take my chance

Hi Good luck if you go ahead with this. A worthy effort for anyone. I would shout from the rooftops if I could do it. I would tell the media and all who will listen. A number of years ago, a small team wheeled and walked from Glasgow to London to present a petition to Downing Street. They used the media to good effect and raised valuable funds for MS research. I dont think letting the media / dwp know about this would make us all look like frauds. I know they have an image amongst many msers of only seeing bad but from past experience publicity has been valuable for ms in general. I’ve never been accused of being a fraud just cos so and so did something great. all the best Neil

After watching the paralympics my brother told me the only difference between me and them is that they got of their sofas (not the word he used!) and trained hard and tried their best.

That’s it then all my problems solved - I can go back to work, walk along the beach and up hills and mountains in Wales and tend my garden again if I just try a bit harder…not all publicity is helpful - it can make some people think that we just can’t be bothered.

I was extremely active for many years after my diagnosis and those years have stood me in very good stead (according to my neurophysio and neuro) so I would encourage you to go for it, but don’t try and do it too quickly - build it up gradually, as Dave suggested, listen to your body so you push yourself but you don’t overdo it and make sure that you stay well hydrated and cool. Lots of stretching too - you don’t want to tighten up muscles that might have to deal with spasticity at some point in the future.

It would be worthwhile getting some neurophysio for the dizziness too - be a bummer to have to cancel your plans because of it! (Your GP or MS nurse can refer you.)

If you want some specific advice about marathon running and MS, you could try the MS Trust - I know there are some MSers who have run marathons for them in the past and they might be able to put you in touch.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Karen x

think it’ll take me at least 4 months to get to marathon level, as for the dizzies, i never knew you could get physio for them?

Dizziness is really upsetting my overall game the now, even to the point where ive though about quitting my job, ive told the nurses and the consultant about it but they never came up with any options.

hearing from people who have done it would be a massive help i think tho cheers x

Sorry if this sounds soapboxy but after a couple of comments above i just wanted to say, if you feel you can do it whilst looking after yourself and not pushing it too far then go for it! Just be sensible and if your body is telling you to quit or that you are not well enough on the day listen to it (says the woman who fainted in the gym yesterday…) It’s all about how you deal with the media. Of course ms is a variable condition and everyone is different just as everyday is different.but cynics are cynics. Those who have this opinion of us as lazy benefit frauds will not change their selfish ridiculous mind. Lets reach out to those whose awareness can be improved and who may change their thinking and recognise a good cause. If it raises awareness and shows that not everyone is as bad as those who unfortunately do bear the worst of the condition, that being diagnosed is not necessarily the end of the world and that that friend who has ms but ‘looks like there’s nothing wrong with them’ (as has often been said to me) can challenge themselves to do such things despite this hidden condition and daily struggles can be in it for others who are worse off that cannot be a bad thing. A week after I was diagnosed I signed up for night rider on behalf of the ms society, partly to give myself motivation to get fit, lose weight, look after myself etc but also to raise money for those who had ms and had supported me with words of wisdom before and during my diagnosis. I worried everyday in the run up whether I’d be we’ll enough to do it on the day and if it wasn’t for daphne -a random guardian angel I met mid ride who was also riding for ms society-I would not have got through it or had the will to finish. I know I am lucky to have the ability to do such things but that does not take away the desire to help those who are struggling, who are confused, facing discrimination or progressing at. Speed that is just not fair

Hi, I did a 10 sporting challenge last year raising money for MS Society and it really motivated me! In the past I have done 8 Marathons and countless Half Marathons but these were before diagnosis (and when my knees were better!) Have managed a 10k since diagnosis but found I was concentrating not going over on my ankles, which seems to be the biggest problem. Enter a well supported 10k, then Half Marathon. This would help build up your stamina for the longer distance. PM me for more insight!

It seems an awfully time ago now but I had my first MS attack in 1997. I made a complete recovery and ran a 1/2 marathon in 1998 and was back running, playing football and golfing regularly. I had my next attack at the start of 2003 and since then have not been able to run at all and had to stop playing football then also. Managed to play golf (reasonably properly until 2008), but still then it’s been a struggle and haven’t played for over a year and unfortunately can’t see me playing again.

Only you will know whether you can do this. I struggle to remember even contemplating such a thing. Good luck to you.