Running !

Hello Everyone

Just had a recent diagnosis - with the latest active lesion starting last week ( Lucky me )

I do lot’s of running and managed 4 half Marathons last year ( one at Midnight in Norway ! ) , raising for Macmillan Nurses ( in Memory of my sister )

I can put up with the arm twitching, pins and needles and numbness, but this latest one has involved Double vision and Vertigo.

It’s knocked me for six and has affected my confidence quite a bit. I was on steroids (500MG) a day for 5 days

The Vertigo has abated mostly (80%) ( that was horrible) - but double vision remains

I know it may take a while

I’m doing the Edinburgh half marathon on Sunday and was wondering if I should run with a eye patch or try to manage without ?

I find that I have to Re-set my eyes ( something that used to be done automatically )

Cheers and all the best


Ray, good luck with your run. If the patch helps you should at least have it with you, if you are unhappy with it take it off and see how you go.

I say this as a confirmed non runner, even when fit and healthy.

All the best


Thanks Mick

I just went for a trail run around the block - I think , Like you suggest - I will have it just in case

maybe I can borrow Madonna’s