Running with MS

Hi, I’ve recently been diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS and I’m finding it pretty hard to deal with, both mentally and physically. I’ve heard that running is good for MS and I think it might help me clear my mind a bit. Does anyone have any tips for getting started or anything I would need to consider? I love in a very rural area, so there’s no clubs or anything like that nearby. Or has anyone else found another form of exercise that helps? Thanks

Hey - sorry about your diagnosis. I’m not diagnosed (and definitely not an expert) but headed in that direction. I’m a runner. It’s hard to say whether that’s been a benefit to me or not. But I have read things which do suggest exercise can help. In terms of what you might need to consider if you’re going to take up running, I think that depends a lot on your symptoms. I struggle with dizziness and balance issues and so when I’m feeling particularly wobbly I choose not to run, or I plan a run close to home and just take it extra slow. You probably want to do what feels comfortable for you. And start slowly. I’m a long distance runner and the thought of MS and possible relapses resulting in not being able to run in the future terrifies me - but so far so good, luckily. My neuro has told me to keep up the running so long as I feel able to do so :slight_smile: good luck!

Hi Rosannee

I have MS and last year done 3 half Marathons ( Edinburgh, London and Tromso ( Norway ) ) and this year…Just the London and Edinburgh one ( this was during a relapse which affecting my vision ) But other than that …I was quite fit and managed 2 hr 20 mins and raised £1000-00 for MacMillian Cancer support

Most weekends I will run the odd 10 K

Running really helps me - I don’t always want to do it , but I feel so good afterwards, odd though , I get the feeling like i can’t stop or I’m running in High Heels ( which I dont… )

Running in a rural area would be nice - I live in London and sometimes the running by the traffic is not nice

But like mudrunner says - start small, maybe get someone to run with you

I’ve tried running on the treadmill and normally give up after 2 k out of sheer bordeom, so I vary my route as much as possible

Please let me know how you get on